Athens is an intoxicating collection of ancient history, authentic and untouched neighborhoods, affordable luxury and a unique gay scene.雅典是令人着迷的古老历史,真实而原始的社区,价格实惠的奢侈品以及独特的同性恋场所。 The city has long been regarded as one of the most culturally and historically significant places on the planet and attracts millions of visitors every year.长期以来,这座城市一直被视为地球上最具文化和历史意义的地方之一,每年吸引数百万游客。

Greece sits at the meeting place of Europe, Africa and Asia it has been continuously shaped by the cultures around it and the empires that have run it.希腊位于欧洲,非洲和亚洲的交汇处,其周围的文化和经营它的帝国一直在不断塑造着希腊。 Having existed through the Byzantine Empire, four centuries of Ottoman rule and Classic Greek civilization, Athens has one of the most unique and diverse histories in the world.通过拜占庭帝国,四个世纪的奥斯曼帝国统治和古典希腊文明的存在,雅典拥有世界上最独特,最多样化的历史之一。

The gay scene in Athens is not as loud and obvious as in other European cities, but it is undoubtedly the country's most liberal city and has the biggest gay population in Greece.雅典的同性恋者并不像其他欧洲城市那样响亮和明显,但无疑是该国最自由的城市,拥有希腊最大的同性恋人口。 The gay community in Athens tends to be more discreet and subtle but this doesn't mean that the destination is any less fun for gay travelers.雅典的同性恋社区往往更为谨慎和微妙,但这并不意味着同性恋旅行者的目的地不再那么有趣。




大酒吧 是第一家在雅典开业的熊酒吧,从那时起一直是当地同性恋社区的最爱。 BIG 以其友好的氛围、价格合理的饮料和美妙的音乐而闻名。 酒吧距离最近的地铁站仅 5 分钟步行路程,是那些希望前往城市大型俱乐部的人的热门热身场所。

Sodade2 Sodade2分布在两个带有现场DJ和多个酒吧的舞池中,是雅典同性恋场景的跳动中心。 The club gets especially busy on the weekends and patrons can often be seen spilling onto nearby streets.俱乐部在周末特别忙碌,经常可以看到顾客溢出附近的街道。

拥有各种各样的人群和独特的内饰, 沙莫内 is a popular venue because of its drag shows, nightly live performances and regular themed nights.因其拖曳表演,每晚现场表演和定期主题夜而成为热门场所。 The club also has amazing drink deals and guests can enjoy the bustling atmosphere when it's particularly busy.俱乐部还提供惊人的饮品优惠,特别忙碌时,客人可以享受熙熙atmosphere的气氛。 了解更多: 在希腊的同性恋裸体主义者海滩.


中央雅典酒店 is located in the heart of the Old City of Plaka.位于普拉卡旧城的中心。 The hotel is fantastic value for money, with guest rooms elegantly and stylishly designed and a rooftop terrace offering unparalleled views across the Athens skyline.这家酒店物超所值,客房设计典雅时尚,屋顶露台可欣赏雅典天际线无与伦比的美景。 The hotel is located close to the iconic and incredibly popular Acropolis which can also be viewed from the roof.酒店靠近标志性和令人难以置信的雅典卫城,从屋顶也可以看到。

巨大的价值 别致酒店 is the perfect destination for gay travelers wanting to stay close to the action of the Gazi gay village.对于想要留在加兹同性恋村庄附近的同性恋旅行者来说,是理想的目的地。 Offering a boutique experience, each room is decorated with a modern and clean style and guests have access to the in-house restaurant and bar.每间客房均提供精品体验,并以现代和干净的风格装饰,客人可以使用内部餐厅和酒吧。

它的名字取自同名的古希腊字符, 伊莱克特拉宫雅典 is conveniently located in the city's old town, close to many of the most popular attractions.酒店位于城市的老城区,交通便利,靠近许多最受欢迎的景点。 A variety of rooms and suites are available to guests and all are well furnished and fully air-conditioned.各种客房和套房均可供客人使用,并且都布置精良,并装有空调。 The hotel also boasts a stunning rooftop pool, gym and spa.酒店还拥有一个迷人的屋顶游泳池,健身房和水疗中心。



Athens is crammed full with references and evidence of its ancient history and the location of the founding of democracy.雅典充满了古老的历史和民主建立地的参考和证据。 There is a range of iconic historical landmarks littered throughout the city.整个城市散布着一系列标志性的历史地标。

The Parthenon is arguably the most famous and striking image of ancient Greek civilisation.帕台农神庙可以说是古希腊文明最著名,最引人注目的形象。 Built in 432 BC in dedication to the goddess Athena, the Parthenon has had many functions including periods of both Islamic and Christian significance, having been a church and mosque.帕台农神庙始建于公元前XNUMX年,是为雅典娜女神奉献的,它具有许多功能,包括具有伊斯兰和基督教意义的时期,曾经是教堂和清真寺。 The Parthenon is the focal point of the universally recognised Acropolis, and eager travelers should explore the full Acropolis citadel in order to discover all that this unique location has to offer.帕台农神庙是举世闻名的雅典卫城的焦点,并且热切的旅客应该探索整个雅典卫城城堡,以便发现这个独特地点所提供的一切。

Kerameikos公墓位于雅典市中心,距离雅典卫城仅几步之遥。 The cemetery was named after the community of potters and craftspeople who lived in the area prior to its development as a cemetery.该墓地以在该地区发展为公墓之前居住在该地区的陶艺工人和工匠社区的名字命名。 The site includes the remains of multiple ancient structures and relics, including a city wall built in 479 BC.该遗址包括多个古代建筑和文物的遗迹,包括建于公元前XNUMX年的城墙。 了解更多: 在雅典景点玩乐.


Herodes Atticus剧场建于罗马时期,是一个大型露天剧院,于1950年代经过精心修复。 The theatre was originally built for the Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius who believed the structure to be one of the finest of its kind.该剧院最初是为罗马皇帝马库斯·奥雷留斯(Marcus Aurelius)建造的,他认为该结构是同类中最好的之一。 Travelers can still catch a show at the Odeon which has played host to the likes of Patti Smith, Liza Minelli and Florence and the Machine.旅客仍然可以在Odeon观看表演,该表演曾接待过Patti Smith,Liza Minelli和Florence和The Machine等。



Greece is famous for its ancient gay-friendly heritage, however, the modern-day situation is slightly different.希腊以其古老的同性恋友好遗产而闻名,但是现代情况略有不同。 Same-sex marriage is illegal in the country and whilst civil unions do exist, they offer little in the way of equal marital rights.同性婚姻在该国是非法的,尽管确实存在民间工会,但它们在平等婚姻权利方面提供的很少。 Same-sex couples are also unable to jointly adopt children.同性伴侣也无法共同收养子女。 However, legislation exists that protects LGBT+ people from discrimination in work, healthcare and private business on the grounds of sexual orientation or gender identity.但是,存在立法保护LGBT +人群免受基于性取向或性别认同的工作,医疗保健和私营企业的歧视。

尽管希腊的LGBT +族人面临着保守的法律局面,但雅典的同性恋旅行者可能会感到舒适而无压力,当地人倾向于对同性恋旅行者礼貌和尊重。


除雅典外,许多人还将这座城市与米克诺斯岛和其他希腊岛屿结合在一起。 米科诺斯 毫无疑问,这里是世界上最著名的同性恋友好目的地之一,是全球同性恋旅行者的圣地,他们每年都会涌入这里,因为这里奢华与岛屿生活的完美结合。

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