Crystal blue water, luscious volcanic landscapes and pristine white beaches all come to mind when you think of Hawaii and Honolulu is the bustling centre of this mass of natural beauty.当您想到夏威夷时,就会想到水晶般的蓝色海水,宜人的火山景观和原始的白色沙滩,而檀香山是这种自然美景的繁华中心。 Towering glass skyscrapers almost reach the beach in this cosmopolitan and tropical destination.在这个国际大都会和热带目的地,高耸的玻璃摩天大楼几乎可以到达海滩。 The city is a truly unique location as a result of its beautiful fusion of American West Coast and Pacific influences that can be seen in Honolulu's rich culture and delicious culinary offerings.由于檀香山丰富的文化和美味的美食,可以将美国西海岸和太平洋地区的美景完美地融合在一起,因此这座城市是一个真正独特的地理位置。

The city is a major location for business and military defence, with a bustling and lively downtown business district.该市是繁华而繁华的市中心商业区,是进行商业和军事防御的主要场所。 Honolulu gained global historical recognition following the attack on Pearl Harbour naval base that led to the American involvement in World War Two.檀香山在珍珠港海军基地遭到袭击之后获得了全球历史认可,导致美国卷入了第二次世界大战。 The sunny climate, untouched beauty and soft sands that characterise Honolulu's natural environment attract millions of visitors every year, making the city one of the most popular tourist destinations in the USA.檀香山自然环境的特征是阳光明媚的气候,原始的美景和柔软的沙滩,每年吸引数百万游客,使这座城市成为美国最受欢迎的旅游目的地之一。

Whilst Honolulu doesn't have the same expansive gay scenes as cities such as San Fransisco or Palm Springs, it does have a splattering of gay bars, clubs and hotels spread throughout its sun-soaked streets and you'll be able to find gay entertainment that is suited to all tastes and interests.尽管檀香山没有像旧金山,棕榈泉这样的城市拥有广阔的同性恋场景,但在阳光普照的街道上散布着许多同性恋酒吧,俱乐部和酒店,您将可以找到同性恋娱乐场所适合所有口味和兴趣的人。 Waikiki is the city's main neighbourhood for entertainment and leisure with most of Honolulu's gay venues also located in this action-packed slice of Hawaii.威基基(Waikiki)是该市休闲娱乐的主要街区,檀香山的大部分同性恋场所都位于这个动感十足的夏威夷。



The bulk of Honololulu's selection of gay clubs and bars can be found in the Waikiki Beach district and the city's Downtown.檀香山的大部分同性恋俱乐部和酒吧都可以在威基基海滩区和市区内找到。 The close proximity of many of these venues means you can easily jump from bar to bar for the ultimate gay nightlife experience.这些场所中很多都非常接近,这意味着您可以轻松地从一家酒吧跳到另一家,以获得终极的同性恋夜生活体验。

巴克斯 Bacchus的位置距威基基(Waikiki)的主要俱乐部区略远,但仍位于市中心,交通便利。 You'll love the attractive bartenders as well as the strong cocktails.您会喜欢迷人的调酒师以及浓烈的鸡尾酒。

如果您在重击EDM节奏,流行国歌和世界一流的拖拽表演之后,请考虑访问 Scarlet - 檀香山最大的同性恋舞蹈俱乐部。 俱乐部每晚都会举办不同的活动以及频繁的主题之夜和现场表演。 斯卡利特的热闹氛围往往会吸引这座城市的年轻同性恋人群,他们在周末晚上聚集成百上千人。

拥有生动的动画装饰,友好而细心的员工以及高科技的卡拉OK系统, 王仲的 is the best place in Honolulu to spend a night belting out pop classics.是檀香山上度过流行经典之夜的最佳地点。 This intimate but lively karaoke bar is one of the most popular venues in the city and is known for its friendly staff and local gay patrons.这家亲切而活泼的卡拉OK吧是该市最受欢迎的场所之一,以友善的员工和当地的同性恋顾客而闻名。 The bar also runs a well attended and affordable drag brunch on Sundays, what better way to recover from a Saturday night in Waikiki than some avocado on toast and lip-syncing.该酒吧在周日还举办了人流充足且价格合理的拖拉早午餐,这是在威基基从周六晚上恢复的最佳方式,而不是一些牛油果吐司和口型同步。



In a city that is so reliant on travel and tourism, you can expect the staff at hotels and other venues to treat all guests equally, regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation.在一个如此依赖旅行和旅游的城市中,您可以期望酒店和其他场所的工作人员平等对待所有客人,而不论其性别身份或性取向如何。 With its famous beach, thriving gay nightlife and palm tree-lined streets, most of the best hotel options for gay travelers will be found in the Waikiki area.怀基基(Waikiki)地区拥有著名的海滩,繁荣的同性恋夜生活和棕榈树成荫的街道,为同性恋旅行者提供的大多数最佳酒店选择。

的客人 Moana Surfrider Moana Surfrider的海滨游泳池是檀香山最大的游泳池之一,并享有水晶般清澈的太平洋的壮丽景色。 Moana Surfrider拥有自己的私人海滩,多家餐厅和水疗设施,是放松和享受檀香山阳光普照的天堂的理想场所。

为了获得更私密的住宿,请考虑 威基基万岁酒店,这是一家迷人而受欢迎的精品店,为客人提供美丽的客房,毗邻该市许多最好的同性恋夜生活场所。 From the windows of the Vive Hotel, you'll be able to catch breathtaking glimpses of Hawaii's rolling volcanic mountain ranges, the shimmering Pacific Ocean or Honolulu's bustling downtown.在Vive酒店的窗户上,您可以瞥见夏威夷绵延起伏的火山山脉,波光粼粼的太平洋或檀香山繁华的市中心。

葱郁的绿色中闪烁着霓虹灯的粉红色, 皇家夏威夷 is a historically and culturally significant fixture of the city's skyline and is extremely popular with gay tourists.是城市天际线具有历史和文化意义的固定装置,在同性恋游客中非常受欢迎。 This luxury hotel boasts multiple heated outdoor pools, 24-hour fitness centre and an exclusive beach, giving you the ultimate experience of opulence and relaxation in this tropical paradise.这家豪华酒店拥有多个室外温水游泳池,XNUMX小时健身中心和独特的海滩,为您提供在这个热带天堂的奢华和放松的终极体验。



Diamond Head因其富有挑战性的远足径和未受破坏的自然环境而从城市中撤离,是檀香山非官方的裸体主义者海滩Diamond Head Beach的所在地。 The beach is popular amongst gay travelers as well as surfers and the unique landscape forms hundreds of tide pools and small lagoons that are just waiting to be discovered.海滩在同志旅行者和冲浪者中都很受欢迎,独特的风景形成了数百个潮池和小泻湖,它们正等待被发现。

Ala Moana beach is perhaps the most popular of Waikiki's coastal offerings and this stretch of warm white sand is lined with shopping malls, luxury apartment buildings and expansive resorts.阿拉莫阿纳(Ala Moana)海滩可能是威基基(Waikiki)沿海地区最受欢迎的海滩,这片温暖的白色沙滩上遍布着购物中心,豪华公寓楼和广阔的度假胜地。 Whilst serving as a major hub of entertainment and outdoor activities, Ala Moana still offers relaxing quiet in the heart of Honolulu's tourist area.阿拉·莫阿纳(Ala Moana)不仅是娱乐和户外活动的主要枢纽,还是在檀香山旅游区的中心地带,为您提供令人放松的宁静。 Queen's Surf Beach is also located nearby and is a popular beach amongst gay tourists and locals.皇后冲浪海滩也位于附近,是同性恋游客和当地人的热门海滩。



Hawaii is home to a varied range of pride celebrations, with each island interpreting the event through the lens of their own cultures and traditions, and Honolulu's pride is the biggest of them all.夏威夷拥有各种自豪感庆祝活动,每个岛屿都通过自己的文化和传统来诠释活动,而檀香山的自豪感是其中最大的。 Paradise Pride is the city's official pride celebration and takes place across Oahu with a focus on Downtown Honolulu.天堂骄傲是该市的官方骄傲庆祝活动,在瓦胡岛各地进行,重点是檀香山市中心。

Spanning an entire weekend and featuring a packed-full schedule of workshops, parades, events and performances, the Paradise Pride is dedicated to fostering an LGBT+ culture of inclusion, diversity and love.整个天堂度过了整个周末,并安排了工作坊,游行,活动和表演的全部时间表,Paradise Pride致力于培养包含,多样性和爱心的LGBT +文化。 There are countless gay parties that take place during the festivities so be sure to check out what's on before heading to sun-soaked Honolulu.庆祝活动期间会举行无数的同性恋聚会,因此在前往檀香山被阳光普照的檀香山之前,请务必检查一下发生了什么。


LGBT+ individuals in Honolulu can enjoy the same legal equality as the rest of the population.檀香山的LGBT +个人享有与其他人口相同的法律平等。 Hawaii was one of the first states to legalise same-sex sexual activity when it passed it's bill in 1973 and has championed LGBT+ rights ever since.夏威夷在XNUMX年通过法案后,是最早将同性性行为合法化的州之一,并从那时起一直倡导LGBT +权利。

Same-sex marriage was legalised in 2013 and same-sex relationships have been part of traditional Hawaiian culture for centuries.同性婚姻于XNUMX年合法化,同性关系已经成为夏威夷传统文化的一部分,已有数百年历史。 Locals have used the term 'Aikāne' for gay and bisexual individuals throughout history and the term reflects the society's early acceptance of homosexuality.在整个历史上,当地人一直使用“Aikāne”一词来表示同性恋者和双性恋者,该词反映了社会对同性恋的早期接受。 Hawaiian culture even includes a third gender, that is neither male nor female and is referred to as 'Mahu'.夏威夷文化甚至包括第三种性别,既不是男性也不是女性,被称为“马胡”。 Incidentally, Bette Midler grew up in Hawaii and went on to entertain two generations of gay men.顺便说一句,贝特·米德勒(Bette Midler)在夏威夷长大,并继续招待两代同性恋者。

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