One of the world's most vibrant and exciting destinations, Istanbul sits on the border of Europe and Asia and this continent crossing urban sprawl is rich with culture, tradition, and history.伊斯坦布尔是世界上最充满活力,最令人兴奋的目的地之一,位于欧洲和亚洲的边界,这个跨越城市蔓延的大陆充满着文化,传统和历史。 The streets of Istanbul are overflowing with religious treasures, fantastic tourist attractions, historical sites, great shopping, food, and hamams, and, with a lively and passionate gay scene, the city is a great location for gay travelers.伊斯坦布尔的街道上到处都是宗教瑰宝,奇妙的旅游景点,历史遗迹,购物,美食和hamams,而且,由于同性恋气氛活跃而充满激情,这座城市是同性恋旅行者的理想之地。

Welcoming upwards of 12 million visitors per year, Istanbul is the world's fifth-most populous tourist destination.伊斯坦布尔每年吸引XNUMX万游客,是世界第五大旅游胜地。 The city's historic center is a UNESCO world heritage site and is a hub of historical significance, ancient architecture, and religious monuments.这座城市的历史中心是联合国教科文组织列为世界遗产,是具有历史意义,古老建筑和宗教古迹的枢纽。

Compared to the rest of Turkey, Istanbul has a more liberal attitude when it comes to LGBT+ issues and the rights of people who exist outside of the heterosexual and cisgender norms.与土耳其其他地区相比,伊斯坦布尔在LGBT +问题以及异性恋和顺从性别规范之外的人们的权利方面拥有更为自由的态度。 As such, the city has become a mecca of gay culture and tourism in the region, and whilst not on the scale of San Fransisco, Berlin or Bangkok, there is a noticeable and lively gay scene in the city.因此,这座城市已成为该地区同性恋文化和旅游业的圣地,虽然规模不及旧金山,柏林或曼谷,但该市却有明显活跃的同性恋场面。



The gay scene in Istanbul is concentrated and compact, existing mainly in the main tourist district of Beyoglu, and the historical Pera district.伊斯坦布尔的同性恋场景集中而紧凑,主要存在于主要的旅游区Beyoglu和历史悠久的Pera区。 Chianti Bar is one of the nicest gay bars in Istanbul, offering a friendly and laid-back atmosphere.基安蒂酒吧(Chianti Bar)是伊斯坦布尔最好的同性恋酒吧之一,提供友善而悠闲的氛围。 The venue is popular amongst the local gay community as well as visiting travelers, and Chianti Bar functions as a cafe by day and bar by night, getting busiest in the early evening.该场所在当地同志社区以及来访的旅行者中很受欢迎,而Chianti Bar在白天则是咖啡馆,在晚上则是酒吧,在傍晚最忙。

位于繁华的Taskshim广场, 卓别林咖啡馆 is discreetly tucked away on the second floor of a beautiful period building.小心翼翼地藏在一座美丽时期建筑的二楼。 Renowned as a cheap and cheerful watering hole, the bar is popular amongst the local gay community who are drawn in by the cheap drinks, welcoming atmosphere, and great music.酒吧以廉价和欢快的饮水洞而闻名,在当地的同性恋社区中很受欢迎,他们被廉价的饮料,热情的气氛和美妙的音乐所吸引。 Chaplin Cafe is a popular spot for warming up before heading on to one of Istanbul's larger gay clubs.卓别林咖啡厅(Chaplin Cafe)是前往伊斯坦布尔较大的同性恋俱乐部之一前热身的热门场所。 If you're looking to meet friendly gay guys, Chaplin Cafe is the place to visit.如果您想结识友好的同性恋者,那么卓别林咖啡厅是您游览的地方。

Pinokyo Pinokyo的亮点是热闹而令人印象深刻的拖曳表演,这些表演具有这座城市最好的拖曳才能。 The club is loud and lively and frequently draws in large crowds of local gay guys and visiting gay travelers.俱乐部喧闹而活跃,经常吸引大批当地同性恋者和来访的同性恋旅行者。 The club is located close to many of the city's other gay venues making it a convenient spot to check out on your trip.该俱乐部位于该市许多其他同性恋场所附近,是您旅行途中便利的地点。

在伊斯坦布尔的年轻同性恋人群中很受欢迎, Cafe Morkedi咖啡厅 is a centrally located and small gay bar.是一家位于中心的小型同性恋酒吧。 Open from 10 am till midnight, the bar is a popular spot to meet and connect with local gay guys and to grab a cheap drink.酒吧从上午XNUMX点开放至午夜,是结识当地同性恋者并与他们联系并品尝便宜饮料的热门场所。 Morkedi is a no-frills venue and visitors will find a cheap but cheerful atmosphere.莫尔基迪(Morkedi)是一个简洁的场所,游客会发现一种廉价却欢快的氛围。



The Beyoglu district is by far the most popular area for gay travelers to stay in Istanbul.到目前为止,贝尤鲁(Beyoglu)区是同性恋旅行者在伊斯坦布尔停留的最受欢迎区域。 The beating heart of the city offers quick and convenient access to many of the city's most popular tourist attractions and sights.跳动的市中心为您提供便捷的交通,可轻松前往该市许多最受欢迎的旅游景点。 Beyoglu is known for its great entertainment and nightlife venues and the majority of the gay bars and clubs are located within this district.贝尤鲁(Beyoglu)以其出色的娱乐和夜生活场所而闻名,大多数同志酒吧和俱乐部都位于该地区。

要在繁华的伊斯坦布尔享受终极豪华住宿,请考虑 君悦酒店。 Situated just off Taksim Square, the hotel is located close to the city center and promises easy access to Istanbul's nightlife and entertainment districts.这家酒店位于塔克西姆广场(Taksim Square)旁,靠近市中心,可方便前往伊斯坦布尔的夜生活和娱乐区。 The contemporary and sleek Grand Hyatt Istanbul is gay-friendly and guests will be able to make full use of the facilities, including the bar, restaurant, swimming pool, and sauna.当代时尚的伊斯坦布尔君悦酒店对同性恋友好,客人将可以充分利用酒吧,餐厅,游泳池和桑拿等设施。 Many of the rooms here offer stunning views across Istanbul's ancient and dynamic skyline.这里的许多客房都享有伊斯坦布尔古老而动感的天际线的壮丽景色。

奥托普拉酒店 Ottopera Hotel的规模较小,这意味着您将始终得到良好的照顾,并且宾客可以在伊斯坦布尔一些顶级夜生活场所附近的优越地理位置享受优越的地理位置。 The hotel's sun terrace is the perfect place to sip a drink and watch the sunset over the city.酒店的阳光露台是品尝饮品和观看城市日落的理想场所。


The first pride celebrations in Istanbul took place in 2003 and occur annually on the last weekend of June.伊斯坦布尔的首次骄傲庆典于100,000年举行,每年2016月的最后一个周末举行。 Istanbul pride was the first LGBT+ event to take place in a majority Muslim country and has illustrated the demand for equal rights in even the most socially conservative states.伊斯坦布尔的骄傲是在穆斯林占多数的国家举行的第一场LGBT +活动,这说明即使在社会上最保守的国家,也要求平等权利。 However, despite drawing attendance of over XNUMX people, since XNUMX every pride event has been shut down and banned by the Turkish government.然而,尽管吸引了超过XNUMX人参加,但自XNUMX年以来,土耳其政府已关闭并禁止了所有自尊活动。 Concerns for the safety of the participants are frequently cited as reasons for the banning of Istanbul's pride, however, homophobia, biphobia, and transphobia are rampant amongst the country's ruling party.人们经常提到对参加者安全的担忧,这是取缔伊斯坦布尔自尊心的原因,但是,该国执政党中普遍存在同性恋恐惧症,两性恐惧症和跨性别恐惧症。



自1858年以来,土耳其同性性关系的基本合法性就一直存在,并且同意的年龄一直等于18岁。但是,除此之外,该国的LGBT +权利非常有限。

Same-sex couples in Istanbul are not permitted to marry or jointly adopt children and no legal protections exist for those in same-sex relationships.伊斯坦布尔的同性伴侣不允许结婚或共同收养子女,对同性伴侣中的伴侣不存在任何法律保护。 In addition, Turkey is yet to adopt any form of anti-discrimination policy, meaning LGBT+ individuals can be openly denied services or refused equally treatment.此外,土耳其尚未采取任何形式的反歧视政策,这意味着LGBT +个人可被公开拒绝提供服务或被拒绝平等待遇。 Transgender people in the country have a legal right to change their legal gender.该国的变性人有改变其合法性别的合法权利。

Gay men are exempt from conscription and are not allowed to serve openly in the military.男同性恋者可免征兵役,也不得在军队中公开服役。 There are however numerous active and vocal LGBT+ rights organizations lobbying for equal rights in Turkey and Istanbul is a hotbed of activism and progressive thinkers.但是,在土耳其有众多活跃而直言不讳的LGBT +权利组织在游说争取平等权利,伊斯坦布尔是激进主义和进步思想家的温床。 This was the first Muslim majority country to tolerate gay pride celebrations (in Istanbul and Ankara), however in 2015 and 2016 Pride events were broken up by police.这是第一个容忍同性恋自豪庆典(在伊斯坦布尔和安卡拉)的穆斯林占多数的国家,但是在XNUMX年和XNUMX年,同性恋活动被警方分拆。

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