Manuel Antonio is one of Costa Rica's most popular coastal towns, and it is quickly garnering a reputation as a hotspot of LGBT+ tourism.哥斯达黎加的哥斯达黎加曼努埃尔·安东尼奥(Manuel Antonio)是哥斯达黎加最受欢迎的沿海城市之一,并迅速成为LGBT +旅游热点地区的声誉。 This small and tranquil location has managed to retain an untouched beauty despite years of tourism and development.尽管经过了数年的旅游和开发,这个小而宁静的位置仍保留了原貌。 The pristine beaches, crystal clear water, and luscious jungle provide the perfect backdrop to an incredible gay vacation.原始的海滩,水晶般清澈的海水和甜美的丛林为您举办令人难以置信的同性恋假期提供了完美的背景。

A diverse and exciting area, Manuel Antonio is home to an expansive nature reserve and visitors often delight in its rugged and unspoiled nature.曼努埃尔·安东尼奥(Manuel Antonio)是一个多样化而令人兴奋的地区,这里是广阔的自然保护区,游客经常会对崎而未受破坏的自然环境感到满意。 Home to a varied selection of plants and animals, Manuel Antonio is brimming with nature, cultural sights and activities, none of which should be missed.曼努埃尔·安东尼奥(Manuel Antonio)拥有多种植物和动物,这里充满着自然风光,文化景观和活动,这些都不容错过。

In recent years, Manuel Antonio has seen an influx of gay tourism with visitors coming from the USA and across the globe to enjoy the stunning surroundings and growing gay nightlife scene.近年来,曼努埃尔·安东尼奥(Manuel Antonio)吸引了众多同性恋旅游,来自美国和全球的游客都可以欣赏到令人惊叹的环境和不断壮大的同性恋夜生活。 There is a range of venues that specifically target gay individuals and many of those that don't can be considered gay-friendly.有一系列专门针对同性恋者的场所,许多不适合同性恋者的场所。 Social attitudes towards LGBT+ have also improved here, meaning Manuel Antonio is now an attractive and exciting destination for gay travelers.人们对LGBT +的社会态度也有所改善,这意味着曼努埃尔·安东尼奥(Manuel Antonio)现在是同性恋旅行者的一个有吸引力而令人兴奋的目的地。


藏在茂密的丛林中,完全沉浸在热带雨林中, 图勒玛度假村 Tulemar Resort甚至设有私人海滩,客人可以享受现代化的泳池区,在这里,您可以一览无余地欣赏茂密的绿色植物和波光粼粼的蓝色海洋。

如果您正在寻找真正的同性恋曼努埃尔·安东尼奥旅行,请考虑住在 提科提科别墅,这是一家以同性恋者为主并专注于同性恋者的财产,拥有12间精品客房和丰富的公共空间。 Tico Tico Villas紧邻曼努埃尔·安东尼奥(Manuel Antonio)的中央地区,当地巴士站就在外面。

位于曼努埃尔·安东尼奥(Manuel Antonio)的心脏地带,可负担得起的豪华房, 普通话酒店 is the perfect base for gay travelers who are keen to explore the area to its fullest.是热衷于充分探索该地区的同性恋旅行者的理想基地。 Well connected to the rest of the area, the hotel is close to the best gay nightlife in Manuel Antonio.酒店与该地区的其他地区相连,靠近曼努埃尔·安东尼奥(Manuel Antonio)最好的同性恋夜生活。 Guests are also encouraged to make full use of the on-site pool, gym, and beautiful outdoor terrace.还鼓励客人充分利用酒店的游泳池,健身房和美丽的户外露台。



曼努埃尔安东尼奥有几家同性恋酒吧,几乎所有酒吧都对同性恋/LGBT 友好。 看看我们的 曼努埃尔·安东尼奥·盖伊酒吧 寻找最佳约会地点的页面 - 或者只是在众多同性恋酒店酒吧之一喝一杯。

Whilst not an exclusively gay venue, Cafe Milagro is still a great place to drink, socialize and relax in Manuel Antonio.虽然不是完全是同性恋聚会场所,但Milagro咖啡馆仍然是在曼努埃尔·安东尼奥(Manuel Antonio)喝酒,社交和放松的好地方。 Popular with the local LGBT+ population, the bar has been providing high-quality service to a mix of visitors for decades.数十年来,该酒吧一直受到当地LGBT +人群的欢迎,一直为众多游客提供优质服务。 The bright and colorful exterior is immediately noticeable and the bar becomes very busy as the night goes on.明亮多彩的外观立即可见,随着夜晚的过去,酒吧变得非常繁忙。 Gay travelers will often head here to meet and connect with local residents and other visitors.同性恋旅行者经常会在这里见面并与当地居民和其他访客保持联系。



西班牙沙滩 is the main gay beach in Manuel Antonio.是Manuel Antonio的主要同性恋海滩。 Thin and extremely long, the beach is like an image of a tropical paradise, with palm trees hanging peacefully over the warm, white sand.沙滩又细又长,就像热带天堂的形象,棕榈树和平地挂在温暖的白色沙滩上。 Located inside an expansive and luscious nature reserve, the beach is naturally beautiful and relatively untouched, the western edge of Playa Espadilla is particularly stunning.海滩位于广阔而宜人的自然保护区内,自然美丽,相对原始,Playa Espadilla的西边尤为迷人。 However, most of the gay visitors to the beach hang out at the eastern edge, close to the surfing area.但是,大多数前往海滩的同性恋游客都在靠近冲浪区的东部边缘闲逛。 In summer, the beach is teeming with gay locals and tourists.在夏季,海滩上到处都是同性恋当地人和游客。

较自由的海滩体验爱好者可能更喜欢 马查海滩,一个僻静而亲密的海滩,与西班牙人海滩一样美丽,但更多地接受裸体。 Manuel Antonio's most popular gay nudist beach is slightly off the beaten track and visitors may have to navigate small jungle paths to reach it, but once you set eyes on the glistening water and tranquil seclusion, the journey will seem well worthwhile.曼努埃尔·安东尼奥(Manuel Antonio)最受欢迎的同性恋裸体海滩距离人迹罕至,游客可能不得不驶过小丛林小径才能到达,但一旦您将目光投向闪闪发光的水和宁静的隐居处,这一旅程似乎是值得的。 As the beach is less known than nearby counterparts, do not expect large crowds, although you may run into a few gay tourists.由于海滩不如附近的海滩知名度高,因此尽管您可能会遇到一些同性恋游客,但不要指望人群众多。


LGBT+ rights in Costa Rica have advanced dramatically over recent decades and the country is making positive steps in equalizing life and liberty for its LGBT+ population.近几十年来,哥斯达黎加的LGBT +权利取得了显着进步,该国正在朝着其LGBT +人口的平等生活和自由迈出积极的一步。 In 2018, after years of oppressive laws, the country's human rights commission ordered the abolition of laws prohibiting same-sex marriage and same-sex adoption.在经历了多年的压制性法律之后,该国人权委员会于2021年下令废除禁止同性婚姻和同性收养的法律。 Same-sex marriage was officially legalized in May of XNUMX.同性婚姻于XNUMX年XNUMX月正式合法化。

尽管哥斯达黎加的宪法并未明确禁止基于感知到的性取向和性别认同的歧视,但松散的立法通常被解释为保护LGBT +人群免于这种待遇,并且在许多情况下已成功实现了这一点。

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