The capital of Mexico and South America's second-largest city, Mexico City is a vibrant and action-packed hub of culture, history and art.墨西哥城是墨西哥的首都,也是南美第二大城市,是一个充满活力,充满动感的文化,历史和艺术中心。 The city has been influenced by a range of cultures over the year, from the ancient Aztecs to the colonial Spanish rule.从古代的阿兹台克人到西班牙的殖民统治,这座城市过去一年都受到多种文化的影响。

A true melting pot of cultures, the city is one of South America's most multicultural, and evidence of this can be seen everywhere.这座城市是真正的文化大熔炉,是南美最多元的文化之一,无处不在。 Mexico City is also the country's epicentre of industry, finance and fashion and is a global capital of tourism.墨西哥城还是该国工业,金融和时尚中心,并且是全球旅游之都。

Recent improvements in LGBT+ rights and a slowly increasing gay scene have made Mexico City a popular destination for gay travelers in recent years and there is now a subtle but lively gay scene.近年来,LGBT +权利的改善和同性恋场面的迅速增加,使墨西哥城成为近年来同性恋旅行者的热门之地,如今,这里有一个微妙而生动的同性恋场面。 Whilst steps are being made in the right direction, the gay community here tends to be discreet, but no less passionate.尽管朝着正确的方向迈出了一步,但这里的同性恋社区往往比较谨慎,但充满热情。



Zona Rosa译成英文,意为粉红色区域-墨西哥城主要同性恋区的合适名称。 Zona Rosa is a bastion of multiculturalism, expression and liberation in the city.佐纳·罗莎(Zona Rosa)是城市多元文化,表达和解放的堡垒。 Known for its established Korean community and large LGBT+ population, the area is a major tourist destination.该地区以其建立的韩国社区和大量LGBT +人口而闻名,是主要的旅游目的地。

The epicentre of LGBT+ culture in Zona Rosa is Calle Amberes, the main street that runs through its centre.佐纳罗莎(Zona Rosa)的LGBT +文化震撼中心是Calle Amberes,这是贯穿其中心的主要街道。 Amberes is home to a densely concentrated selection of gay clubs, bars and restaurants, and the patrons of these venues can often be seen spilling out onto the pavement on busy nights.安伯斯(Amberes)是众多同性恋俱乐部,酒吧和餐馆的集中地,在忙碌的夜晚,经常看到这些场所的顾客溅到人行道上。 Zona Rosa has an atmosphere of liveliness and vibrancy, with something happening on every corner.佐纳·罗莎(Zona Rosa)充满生机和活力,每个角落都有发生。

该地区经历了警察和政府的多次尝试,以降低其作为LGBT +地区的身份,但由于Zona Rosa的居民不顾其态度,都依赖LGBT +旅游,因此多数失败。



Mexico City is still a conservative country, so gay nightlife is usually less in-your-face than in other countries.墨西哥城仍然是一个保守的国家,因此同性恋夜生活通常比其他国家少。 The majority of LGBT+ nightlife venues in the city are located in Zona Rosa, an area of Mexico City known for its high LGBT+ populations and subtle but thriving gay nightlife.该市大多数LGBT +夜生活场所位于墨西哥城Zona Rosa,该地区以LGBT +高人口和微妙但蓬勃发展的同性恋夜生活而闻名。 The venues in the area cater to a wide and varied range of tastes and interests.该地区的场所可满足各种口味和兴趣。

男孩吧 Boy Bar只限男性,门禁服务人员执行此政策,入口也受到严格监控,因此不会弹出。

当地同志场景的主要内容,并在该城市的年轻,新潮人群中广受欢迎。 德拉玛42 is a lively and energetic bar that has recently undergone a dramatic reconstruction.这是一间充满活力和朝气的酒吧,最近经过了巨大的改建。 The bar now offers a cool and up-market nightlife experience with a rugged and industrial atmosphere.酒吧现在在崎and的工业氛围中提供凉爽和高档的夜生活体验。 There is no cover charge here and every night you can catch live music, drag shows and cabaret performances.这里不收取任何费用,每天晚上您都可以欣赏现场音乐,现场表演和歌舞表演。

对于皮革爱好者和同性恋夜生活的狂热爱好者来说,别无所求 汤姆的皮筋。 The bar is an established and much-loved venue that is popular for its dark and gothic interiors, extensive darkroom and TVs streaming adult films.酒吧是一个受人欢迎的既定场所,因其深色和哥特式内饰,宽敞的暗房和播放成人电影的电视而广受欢迎。 Tom's has garnered a cult following over the years and is popular with a range of gay locals and tourists.多年来,汤姆(Tom's)受到了追捧,并受到了许多当地同性恋者和游客的欢迎。 The bar can get extremely busy and there are regular drink deals on offer.酒吧会变得非常忙碌,并提供定期的饮品优惠。


凭借其令人惊叹的天际线景观,现代客房和优越的地理位置, 墨西哥城W酒店 W酒店的客人位置便利,距离附近的Guilt同性恋舞蹈俱乐部和Sodome桑拿浴室仅数分钟路程。

想要在城市最佳同性恋夜生活附近享受优雅住宿的同性恋旅行者应考虑 墨西哥城日内瓦酒店。 The Hotel Geneve is one of the city's most popular hotels amongst gay travelers.日内瓦酒店是同性恋游客中城市最受欢迎的酒店之一。 Guests can enjoy the hotel's extensive facilities which include a fine dining restaurant, a fully-equipped 24-hour gym and sophisticated spa services.客人可以享受酒店广泛的设施,包括高级餐厅,设备齐全的XNUMX小时健身房和精致的水疗服务。 The rooms are decorated with an opulent and traditional style.房间装饰有华丽和传统风格。

四周被同性恋夜生活和文化所包围, 皇家改革酒店 is the epitome of affordable luxury.是负担得起的奢侈品的缩影。 Offering contemporary and stylish rooms, the hotel is one of the city's most popular venues with gay tourists.提供现代和时尚的客房,这家酒店是该市最受欢迎的同性恋游客场所之一。 With a rooftop pool and bar, gym and restaurant, you will be well looked after at the Hotel Royal Reforma.设有屋顶游泳池和酒吧,健身房和餐厅,您将在Hotel Royal Reforma酒店得到很好的照顾。



Mexico City Pride is an annual event that seeks to celebrate the presence of LGBT+ people in the city and gives a voice to those who are often persecuted and discriminated against.墨西哥城骄傲节是一年一度的活动,旨在庆祝LGBT +人在城市中的存在,并向经常遭受迫害和歧视的人们发声。 Whilst the festival is a chance to let loose and have fun, it is also a space to demand change and greater rights for the country's LGBT+ citizens.虽然这个节日是让人们放松和玩乐的机会,但它也是一个为该国的LGBT +公民要求改变和获得更大权利的空间。

The celebrations mainly take place in Zona Rosa and feature a street festival, numerous parties at gay venues and a large parade.庆祝活动主要在佐纳罗莎(Zona Rosa)举行,并设有街头节日,在同性恋场所举行的众多派对和大型游行。 Taking place in June each year, the pride celebrations are the second largest in South America, with over 250,000 attendees.自豪感庆祝活动于每年的XNUMX月举行,是南美第二大庆祝活动,参加人数超过XNUMX万。

该活动始于1970年代,当时只有300个团体,如今,Zona Rosa的大多数业务都将用彩虹气球和横幅装饰,无论它们是否专门针对LGBT +客户。


自从1871年法国实施《刑法》以来,同性恋就在墨西哥被取消了刑事诉讼,从那以后一直保持合法。 尽管如此,根据墨西哥的不道德和in亵法律,该国许多LGBT +公民仍面临迫害和骚扰。

该国在LGBT +人民的权利和平等方面取得了巨大进步,同性婚姻于2015年合法化,并于2016年被共同收养。这项立法标志着朝着正确方向迈出了一步,但是同性伴侣必须经历更长的时间,更多的测试申请过程才能获得结婚证书。


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