A mesmerising mixing pot where classical culture and tradition meets world-class creative innovation, Milan is Italy's second most populous city and the country's economic powerhouse.米兰是一个令人着迷的搅拌锅,古典文化和传统相遇于世界一流的创意创新,是意大利第二大人口稠密的城市,也是意大利的经济重镇。 Milan represents a lifestyle of effortless chic, long lunches and trendy nightlife.米兰代表着轻松,别致的午餐,丰盛的夜生活和时尚的夜生活。

One of the world's four fashion capitals, the city's relationship to creativity and design goes back centuries, and is evident in Milan's diverse architectural styles and influences, from 17th Century Baroque to the Art Nouveau style that burst into the city in the 20th century.作为世界四大时尚之都之一,这座城市与创造力和设计的关系可以追溯到几个世纪之前,并体现在米兰的多元化建筑风格和影响力中,从XNUMX世纪的巴洛克风格到XNUMX世纪进入城市的新艺术风格。 Home to a number of globally recognised historical and cultural institutions, the city is a treasure trove for inquisitive visitors.这座城市是许多全球公认的历史和文化机构的所在地,是好奇游客的宝库。

Often known as Italy's gayest city, Milan leads the way in a widely conservative country as a bastion of expression, openness and inclusion.米兰通常被称为意大利最同性恋的城市,在表达广泛,开放和包容的堡垒下,在一个广泛保守的国家中处于领先地位。 The innovative and cosmopolitan reputation associated with the city has drawn LGBT+ individuals from around Italy for decades and there is now an established and exciting gay scene in the city.数十年来,与这座城市相关的创新和国际化声誉吸引了来自意大利各地的LGBT +个人,如今该市已建立起令人兴奋的同性恋场面。 The scene includes a number of gay bars, clubs and cafes that tend to be centred around the Porta Venezia district.现场包括一些同性恋酒吧,俱乐部和咖啡馆,这些餐馆往往集中在Porta Venezia区附近。



Fanning out from the original gates that were part of the Roman wall that surrounded Milan, the Porta Venezia district has developed an identity as one of the most diverse and exciting districts in the city.威尼斯门(Porta Venezia)地区从包围米兰的罗马城墙的原始大门散开,已成为城市中最多样化,最令人兴奋的地区之一。 With a large immigrant population, the area has been an accepting and welcoming home to people from across the globe since the late 20th century when individuals from Africa, Asia and South America first arrived.自XNUMX世纪末非洲,亚洲和南美的个人首次抵达以来,该地区拥有大量移民,成为全球各地人们的欢迎和欢迎之地。

Today Porta Venezia is not only known as being a hub of multiculturalism in the city, but also the epicentre of gay culture and community.如今,Porta Venezia不仅被称为城市的多元文化中心,而且还是同性恋文化和社区的中心。 The area is home to Milan's vibrant and trendy gay scene, which can mainly be found along its central avenue of Via Lecce.该地区是米兰充满活力和新潮的同性恋场景的发源地,主要可以在其中央大街Via Lecce上找到。 Porta Venezia is known throughout the city as a cool and edgy district, with plenty of underground bars, provocative local residents and a history of non-traditional lifestyles.威尼斯门(Porta Venezia)在整个城市被称为凉爽前卫的地区,拥有大量的地下酒吧,挑衅的当地居民以及非传统生活方式的历史。 了解更多: 在米兰景点玩乐.



The centre of gay nightlife in Milan is Porta Venezia and its main street of Via Lecce is a bustling and lively avenue where diners and drinkers spill out of venues onto the busy sidewalk.米兰同性恋夜生活的中心是威尼斯门(Porta Venezia),而其Via Via Lecce大街是一条熙熙and和热闹的大街,食客和饮酒者从场所溢出到繁忙的人行道上。 The area is always alive with a thriving and exciting atmosphere.该地区总是充满生机和令人兴奋的气氛。 Most of the city's gay clubs and bars will be found along Via Lecce, meaning it is easy to hop between venues for the ultimate gay nightlife experience.莱切大街(Via Lecce)沿线是该市大多数同性恋俱乐部和酒吧的所在地,这意味着您可以在各个场所之间轻松享受终极的同性恋夜生活。

该市最受欢迎的同性恋酒吧之一, 莱科米拉诺 is a staple on the Milan gay scene and a common hangout for attractive and young guys to meet up, drink and chat late into the evening.是米兰同性恋聚会的主要内容,也是吸引年轻人和年轻人聚会,喝酒和聊天至深夜的常见聚会场所。 As the night goes on, Leccomilano becomes louder and more exciting as the venue morphs into a lively dance club.随着夜晚的继续,莱科科米拉诺(Leccomilano)变得越来越热闹,场地变成了一个热闹的舞蹈俱乐部。 Drawing a mixed international crowd, the bar is the perfect place to meet local gay guys during your visit.酒吧吸引了众多国际人流,是您游览期间结识当地同志的理想场所。

时光倒流至 单声道酒吧,这是一个古怪的复古主题场地,是晚餐前喝酒的热门之选,并拥有宜人而悠闲的氛围。 Mono小巧而私密,每晚的DJ布景吸引了各种各样的LGBT +人群。

什么时候 俱乐部塑料 Club Plastic俱乐部拥有宽敞的技术舞池,休息区和多个酒吧,是享乐主义和波西米亚俱乐部文化的迷宫,位于意大利最时尚的城市中心。


伯纳酒店的主要吸引力在于其便利的位置,毗邻威尼斯港的主要火车站和城市的同性恋区。 伯纳酒店 offers guests a taste of Swiss comfort and elegance in the heart of fashionable Milan.在时尚的米兰市中心为客人提供瑞士舒适和优雅的味道。 The service at the hotel is renowned for its efficiency, professionalism and friendliness and guests can enjoy the stylish rooms with flat-screen TVs, in-room WiFi and alcoholic minibar.酒店的服务以其高效,专业和友善而著称,客人可以享受时尚的客房,内配纯平电视,室内无线网络和酒精迷你吧。 If you're looking for accommodation close to Milan's gay scene and great transport links to the rest of the city, then look no further than Hotel Berna.如果您正在寻找靠近米兰同性恋场所的住宿,并且需要前往市区其他地方的便捷交通,那么伯纳酒店(Hotel Berna)就是您的最佳选择。

在米兰寻求经典和传统住宿的同性恋旅行者应该考虑 曼佐尼酒店,一家迷人的精品酒店,坐落在城市老城区的中心。 Hotel Marzoni酒店还设有自己的健身房,水疗和按摩服务以及一间内部餐厅。

提供五星级的住宿,在米兰市中心, 联排别墅 享有米兰历史中心和著名大教堂的无与伦比的美景。 酒店客房的设计无可挑剔,将传统特色和影响与前卫的现代优雅相结合。 酒店友好而细心的工作人员使其成为同性恋旅行者极受欢迎的目的地。


The Milano Pride occurs at the end of every June to celebrate the city's LGBT+ population and allies.米兰骄傲节于每年六月底举行,以庆祝该城市的LGBT +人口和盟友。 Taking place as a week-long festival of LGBT+ centred art, culture, history and celebration the pride events include numerous seminars on the advancement of LGBT+ equality and rights at the House of Rights.作为为期一周的以LGBT +为中心的艺术,文化,历史和庆祝活动的节日,该自豪感活动包括在众议院举行的有关促进LGBT +平等与权利的研讨会。

The iconic Porta Venezia becomes a hub of pride during the festival each year, whereby the main square is taken over by food vendors, stalls and stages.标志性的威尼斯门(Porta Venezia)每年在节日期间成为骄傲的枢纽,主要广场由食品摊贩,摊位和舞台接管。 The celebrations climax on the final day with a large-scale pride parade that starts in Porta Venezia and snakes its way through the city.庆祝活动在最后一天达到高潮,大规模的骄傲游行从威尼斯门(Porta Venezia)开始,蜿蜒穿过城市。

游行队伍吸引了多达200,000名观众,使其成为意大利最大的LGBT +骄傲游行示威之一,而Porta Venezia的Pride Square可以看到30,000人以上的出席。



天主教会在意大利的存在和强大的影响力意味着,社会上对同性恋的保守态度仍然很普遍,但是,近年来,政府采取了许多措施来改善LGBT +人群在生活中的权利和生活质量。国家。

在几次最高法院听证会后,同性婚姻在2017年被完全合法化。自2003年以来,LGBT +意大利人确实享受了基于性取向和性别的歧视保护。


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