大平原和密西西比河是美国最令人叹为观止和最著名的自然奇观中的两个,而圣路易斯在两者之间均处于重要地位。 在这个历史悠久的顶级音乐表演者开始的城市,充满创意的精神贯穿圣路易斯的街道,使其成为一个真正的特别去处。

A remaining bastion of mid-west Americana, St Louis is where you'll find a culture built around beer, bowling, and baseball.圣路易斯仍然是美国中西部的堡垒,在那里您会发现围绕啤酒,保龄球和棒球而建立的文化。 After being greeted by the gargantuan Gateway Arch you'll be welcomed to a city that resembles a patchwork quilt, made up of distinctive districts and regions, each with their own unique atmosphere and local character.受到巨大的盖特威拱门的欢迎后,您将来到这座城市,这座城市就像一个拼布的被子,由独特的地区和地区组成,每个地区和地区都有自己独特的氛围和地方特色。

St Louis is also home to a surprisingly large gay scene that has been seen growing support in recent years, with local people becoming increasingly accepting of LGBT+ people.圣路易斯还是一个令人惊讶的大型同性恋聚会场所,近年来,人们对此的支持日益增加,当地人越来越多地接受LGBT +人。 There is a wealth of gay venues in the city's gay district of The Grove, a historic and diverse area that is known for its thriving nightlife and charming architecture.该市的同性恋区The Grove有许多同性恋场所,该地区是一个历史悠久而多样的地区,以繁华的夜生活和迷人的建筑而闻名。



When it comes to gay nightlife in St Louis nowhere beats The Grove neighborhood.说到圣路易斯的同性恋夜生活,没有任何地方比格罗夫街区更好。 The area rose to prominence as the city's primary gay village in the 1990s and early 2000s when a number of St. Louis best gay establishments moved their premises to this eclectic neighborhood.该地区在XNUMX年代和XNUMX年代初成为该市的主要同性恋村庄,当时圣路易斯最好的同性恋场所将其场所迁至这个折衷的社区。 Since then, The Grove has retained its position as the number one destination for gay clubbing in the city.从那时起,格罗夫(Grove)一直保持其位置,成为该市同性恋俱乐部的第一大目的地。

黑暗,拥挤,被镜子覆盖, 态度 Attitudes拥有庞大的舞池,并以仅演奏最好的流行国歌而闻名,被评为全市最好的同性恋舞蹈俱乐部之一。 Whilst weekday nights see performances from local and touring drag queens, on the weekend, the club becomes a bastion of hedonism, with a diverse crowd relishing in the electrifying atmosphere.在工作日的夜晚,本地和巡回演出的女王/王后都会表演,而在周末,俱乐部则成为享乐主义的堡垒,各种各样的人群在令人兴奋的氛围中津津乐道。

灰狐狸 has been a staple of the gay scene in St Louis for more than a decade and continues to offer no-frills clubbing to the stream of patrons who pass through its door every night.十多年来,它一直是圣路易斯同志聚会的主要内容,并继续为每晚通过其门的顾客流提供简洁的俱乐部。 Despite mass gentrification in the area and multiple renovations, the bar has remained a gritty venue that is popular amongst guys looking to party without pretense.尽管该地区大规模高档化,并进行了多次翻新,但酒吧仍然是一个肮脏的场所,在不假装派对的人们中很受欢迎。 The Grey Fox is the perfect spot for those seeking a more wild night, and the many dark corners of the venue are great places to meet other guys.灰狐狸是那些寻求更狂野夜晚的理想场所,场地的许多黑暗角落是结识其他朋友的理想之地。

由同一对夫妇共同经营, 只是约翰的 is one of the best places in St Louis to soak up the Midwest friendliness and enjoy a strong drink.是圣路易斯吸收中西部友善并享用浓酒的最佳场所之一。 The spacious outside patio is a popular hangout for the local LGBT+ community and Just John's float can always be seen in the annual pride celebrations.宽敞的室外露台是当地LGBT +社区的热门聚会场所,在年度骄傲庆典中总能看到Just John的花车。



如果您正在寻找一家时尚现代的酒店,并且临近城市最佳的夜生活和娱乐场所,那么 四个季节 St Louis.圣路易斯。 This 5-star venue is perfect for gay travelers who are keen to explore every inch of charming St Louis.这家XNUMX星级场所非常适合渴望探索迷人圣路易斯的每一英寸的同性恋旅行者。 The interior of the hotel is modern and the innovative design creates an atmosphere of relaxation and opulence.酒店的内部是现代的,创新的设计营造了轻松和富裕的氛围。 After a long day of exploring the city, the spacious and airy guest rooms of the Four Seasons Hotel are the perfect place to unwind.经过漫长的一天的城市游览之后,四季酒店宽敞通风的客房是放松身心的理想场所。

很少有酒店敢于将太空探索与精品酒店体验相结合,但是 月出饭店 does just that.就是那样。 With a large moon replica adorning its stunning rooftop terrace, and memorabilia lined walls, the hotel is an ode to the intergalactic.这家酒店拥有大型月亮复制品,装饰着其令人惊叹的屋顶露台,而纪念品衬砌的墙壁则是星际之歌的颂歌。 The comfortable and quirky guestrooms have been individually designed with collected furnishings and decoration that works to create an otherworldly atmosphere.舒适而古怪的客房经过单独设计,采用收集的家具和装饰,营造出超凡脱俗的氛围。 The on-site Eclipse restaurant is an award-winning establishment and attracts diners from across the region who come to sample the locally sourced, organic dishes.现场的Eclipse餐厅是一家屡获殊荣的餐厅,吸引了来自该地区的食客们前来品尝当地采购的有机菜肴。

要获得更私密和规模较小的体验,请考虑留在 本顿公园旅馆,这是一家迷人的同性恋友好住宿加早餐旅馆,位于古朴的本顿公园附近。 The hotel is the closest venue to the city's gay nightlife epicenter and many of the best gay bars and clubs are located within easy walking distance, including Bastille Bar and Keypers Piano Bar.该酒店是该城市同性恋夜生活中心的最接近场所,许多最佳的同性恋酒吧和俱乐部都位于步行范围之内,包括巴士底狱酒吧和基珀斯钢琴酒吧。 Each room is furnished with bespoke vintage furniture and the open and welcoming hosts will immediately make you feel at home.每个房间都配有量身定制的老式家具,开放而热情的主人将立即让您有宾至如归的感觉。


Pride happens annually in St Louis and involved a number of events, parties, and parades.骄傲每年在圣路易斯发生,涉及许多活动,聚会和游行。 The pride events are the biggest celebrations of LGBT+ identity in the region, with upwards of 80,000 people regularly attending.骄傲活动是该地区最大的LGBT +身份庆祝活动,定期有XNUMX多人参加。 The focal point of pride in St Louis is PrideFest, a two-day event that sees the city's stunning downtown area be transformed into a mecca of gay culture, community, and pride.圣路易斯骄傲的焦点是PrideFest,为期两天的活动将城市令人惊叹的市中心变成了同性恋文化,社区和骄傲的圣地。 Rainbow flags adorn every lamppost and attendees are dressed in their most colorful regalia.彩虹旗点缀在每个路灯柱上,与会人员身着最绚丽的节日服装。

Metro East PrideFest,Black Pride和Tower Grove Pride都在夏季举行,并且是该城市日历中的热门活动。



The state of Missouri has not historically been a socially liberal state, however, in recent years there have been a number of political achievements that have improved the lives of the LGBT+ people living there.密苏里州历来不是一个社会自由主义国家,但是,近年来,已经取得了许多政治成就,这些成就改善了居住在该州的LGBT +人民的生活。 Laws have never existed that ban same-sex couples from adopting in Missouri and since 2015 same-sex marriage has been legal in the state.从未有法律禁止同性伴侣在密苏里州收养,自2013年以来,同性婚姻在该州一直合法。 Whilst not enshrined in the state law, in XNUMX the senate prohibited discrimination on the grounds of actual or perceived sexual orientation and gender identity.参议院虽然未在州法律中作出规定,但在XNUMX年禁止基于实际或感知的性取向和性别认同的歧视。


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