Ayutthaya, or Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya to give it its full name, was the second capital of Siam.大城府,或全称帕那空府(Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya),是暹罗的第二首都。 It flourished for four centuries until it was partly destroyed by the Burmese in 1767. The city was largely abandoned after that.它繁荣发展了四个世纪,直到XNUMX年被缅甸人部分摧毁。此后,这座城市基本上被废弃了。 It exists today as an archeological ruin.今天它作为考古遗址存在。

There's something quite enticing about abandoned cities.被遗弃的城市颇具吸引力。 Ayutthaya was once a major site of commerce and worship.大城府曾经是商业和崇拜的主要场所。 The monumental temple remains are a testament to Ayutthaya's illustrious history.这座巨大的寺庙遗迹证明了大城府的辉煌历史。



What is now Thailand was known as Siam for most of its history.现在的泰国在其大部分历史中被称为暹罗。 The history of Siam is well preserved as it was never successfully colonized, despite the best efforts of the French and the British.尽管法国人和英国人做出了最大的努力,但暹罗的历史一直保存完好,因为从未成功殖民过。 The city of Ayutthaya was founded in 1350 and it was Siam's second capital.大城府始建于XNUMX年,是暹罗的第二首都。 It evolved into a major commercial hub.它演变成一个主要的商业中心。 The city was built with sophisticated urban planning methods.该城市是用复杂的城市规划方法建造的。 It was equidistant between China and India and well defended by moats and its strategic location.它与中国和印度等距,并且被护城河及其战略位置很好地防御。

吴哥崩溃后,大城府的影响力变得更大。 商人从四面八方来到大城府做生意。 您可以在残留的建筑和艺术中看到许多外国影响。 在近代早期,大城派外交官在欧洲主要宫廷代表暹罗的利益。 明朝还寻求对大城府施加殖民影响。

这座城市在纳拉里国王(1656 - 1688)的统治下经历了黄金时代。 1767 年缅甸入侵之后,大城府最终退出了历史。 大城府最壮观的遗迹是寺庙、佛像和皇家建筑。



Ayutthaya is definitely worth visiting.大城府绝对值得一游。 It's just an hour away from Bangkok and it's considered to be one of Thailand's greatest tourist attractions.距曼谷仅一小时路程,被认为是泰国最大的旅游景点之一。 Ayutthaya is of especial interest to history buffs.大城府对历史爱好者特别感兴趣。 That being said, even if you're not, the great temples, reliquary towers and ruined buildings are fascinating to see.话虽这么说,即使您不在,那些宏伟的神庙,神殿塔和毁坏的建筑物也很吸引人。 It'll take around 90-minutes to get to Ayutthaya from Bangkok.从曼谷到大城府大概需要XNUMX分钟。 You can take the skytrain to Mo Chit and then take a taxi or bus direct to Ayutthaya.您可以乘坐轻轨到Mo Chit,然后乘出租车或巴士直接到大城府。 It's an easy trip and well worth adding to your itinerary.这是一个轻松的旅程,非常值得添加到您的行程中。 You can do it in a day trip or spend a night or two in Ayutthaya.您可以一日游,也可以在大城府住一两个晚上。



在大城府市内,您会发现被联合国教科文组织列为世界遗产的大城府历史公园 - 这是您想要参观的地方。 入场门票并不贵。 您可以聘请嘟嘟车司机游览大城府 - 如果您这样做,请务必给他们小费。 您也可以租一辆自行车或步行。 抵达后,您会在车站找到嘟嘟车司机。

It's likely to be hot and you'll be walking all day so wear comfortable clothes.天气可能很热,您会整天走路,所以要穿舒适的衣服。 There's no dress code but don't wear clothes that are too revealing if you want to enter the temples.没有着装要求,但是如果您想进入太阳穴,不要穿太显眼的衣服。 These temples are considered to be very holy sites, so a skimpy crop top isn't a good idea.这些神庙被认为是非常圣地,所以轻薄的作物顶不是一个好主意。



Ayutthaya is huge so you can't see it all in one trip.大城府非常大,所以您一趟都看不到。 There are some highlights you definitely won't want to miss.您肯定不想错过一些亮点。 Wat Chaiwatthanaram is one of the most striking Buddhist temples in Ayutthaya.柴瓦纳兰寺是大城府最著名的佛教寺庙之一。 The chapels are joined by secret passageways covered in sacred paintings.小教堂由覆盖有神圣绘画的秘密通道连接。 There are hundreds of buddhas surrounding this temple.这座寺庙周围有数百尊佛像。

Wat Lokaya Sutha也是不可错过的。 Here you'll find the famous Reclining Buddha.在这里,您将找到著名的卧佛。 The remains of the monastery are quite spectacular.修道院的遗迹十分壮观。

A great place to start your journey is Ayutthaya Historical Park.大城府历史公园是开始您的旅程的好地方。 This is where you'll find 67 temples and other ruins.在这里,您会发现XNUMX座寺庙和其他遗址。 This was the heart of the city before it fell.这是这座城市倒塌之前的心脏。 It's one of the most enigmatic and culturally significant sites in all of Thailand.它是整个泰国最具神秘感和文化底蕴的遗址之一。

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