New Orleans is one of the most exciting cities in the American South.新奥尔良是美国南部最令人兴奋的城市之一。 It's also one of the best destinations for gay travelers.这也是同性恋旅行者的最佳目的地之一。 新奥尔良同性恋酒吧 are abundant.丰富。 It's a decadent city and it has a major arts scene.这是一个腐朽的城市,拥有主要的艺术界。 New Orleans is the home of voodoo, jazz and (allegedly) haunted buildings.新奥尔良是伏都教,爵士乐和(据说)闹鬼建筑的所在地。 Anne Rice set her vampire novels here for a reason.安妮·赖斯(Anne Rice)在这里放置吸血鬼小说是有原因的。

The most famous event in New Orleans is, of course, Mardi Gras.当然,新奥尔良最著名的事件是狂欢节。 It's bawdy and it's raucous.它很烂而且很喧闹。 You'll see some scenes along Bourbon Street.您会在波旁街上看到一些场景。 Here's our guide to Mardi Gras in New Orleans, one of the campest things you'll see in America.这是我们在新奥尔良举行的狂欢节指南,这是您将在美国看到的最露营的事物之一。



Mardi Gras dates back to Pagan fertility rituals.狂欢节的历史可以追溯到异教徒的生育仪式。 Its roots can be traced back to ancient Roman festivals like Saturnalia and Lupercalia.它的起源可以追溯到古代罗马节日,如Saturnalia和Lupercalia。 It was later given a Christian makeover.后来进行了基督教改造。 Mardi Gras takes the form of a prelude to Lent.狂欢节采取了四旬期前奏的形式。 We give things up in Lent, so Mardi Gras is about indulging.我们在大斋节中放弃一切,所以狂欢节就是沉迷。

新奥尔良的文化在​​法国具有浓厚的影响力。 星期二 是星期二的法语, 鹅肝 essentially means fat.本质上是指脂肪。 Fat Tuesday is the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday and it's the last night of Mardi Gras.胖星期二是灰烬星期三之前的星期二,这是狂欢节的最后一个夜晚。



The opening night is 12th Night.开幕之夜是XNUMX日晚上。 Fat Tuesday is two weeks later.胖星期二是两个星期后。 Tourists are unlikely to visit for the whole two weeks of Mardi Gras.在整个狂欢节的两周内,游客不太可能参观。 The most popular time to experience Mardi Gras in New Orleans is the weekend before Fat Tuesday.在新奥尔良体验狂欢节的最流行时间是胖星期二之前的那个周末。 It will be busiest at this time and the hotels will be full.这将是最繁忙的时间,酒店将满员。 强烈建议提前预订。 You can visit earlier and check out the parades before Fat Tuesday.您可以提早参观并在Fat Tuesday之前检查游行队伍。 New Orleans will still be busy but not quite as heaving with crowds.新奥尔良仍然会很忙,但不如拥挤的人群。



There are so many parades and parties to check out.有这么多的游行队伍和聚会可以结帐。 If you're visiting one of the big ones over the weekend, you'll need to get there early to find a good spot.如果您周末要参观其中一个大型景点,则需要早点到达那里,找到一个好地方。 There are around 80 parades.大约有XNUMX个游行队伍。

Rex is done by a well-established krewe.雷克斯(Rex)是由成熟的krewe完成的。 It was founded in the 19th-century.它成立于50世纪。 Rex keeps the classic spirit of Mardi Gras in New Orleans alive.雷克斯保持了新奥尔良的狂欢节经典精神。 This one is unmissable.这是不容错过的。 You should also check out Thoth, a big krewe with around 1,600 floats and XNUMX riders.您还应该检查一下Thoth,这是一辆大型krewe,有大约XNUMX个花车和XNUMX名骑手。 To break things down: Endymion is the largest krewe, Orpheus the most aesthetically celebrated and Bacchus the most historic.分解:Endymion是最大的kre​​we,Orpheus是最有名的美酒,Bacchus是最有历史的酒。

It's advisable to put together a parade plan.建议制定一个巡游计划。 There's so much happening and some events will be heaving with crowds.发生了太多事情,一些事件将在人群中泛滥。



It's isn't mandatory but encouraged.这不是强制性的,但值得鼓励。 As Anna Wintour says, “We don't dictate, we expect.”正如安娜·温图尔(Anna Wintour)所说:“我们不要求,我们期望。” You can show up in regular clothes, whatever you feel most comfortable in. But note that nagging voice of Wintour in your head!您可以穿着平常的衣服出现,无论您觉得最舒适的是什么。但是请注意,Wintour刺耳的声音在您的头上! If you're up for it then dress fabulous, dress outrageous.如果您愿意,那就穿上漂亮的衣服,穿得离谱。 It's Mardi Gras.是狂欢节。



The parades don't take place in the French Quarter, but the party does.游行不在法国区举行,但聚会却在法国区。 It's strictly adults-only.仅限成人使用。 The party can get very raucous in the French Quarter.该党在法国区会变得很喧闹。 Censorious newspapers often cover this parts of the city during Mardi Gras, potentially giving the festival a bad name.狂欢节时期的报纸经常报道这座城市的这一地区,这可能给节日带来一个坏名声。 If you would like a raucous party, then head to the French Quarter and check it out.如果您想举办一场喧闹的派对,请前往法国区并进行检查。

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