阿根廷首都拥有 15.6 万人口,是南美洲最具多元文化的城市之一。 尽管政治不稳定,但布宜诺斯艾利斯经常被评为世界上最适宜居住的地方之一,生活质量很高。 迷人的历史和丰富的文化使其成为极具吸引力的旅游目的地。

The city combines a mix of French and Italian influences to create a rich and unique culture that is reflected in every aspect of life in Buenos Aires.这座城市融合了法国和意大利的影响力,创造了一种丰富而独特的文化,在布宜诺斯艾利斯的生活各个方面都得到体现。 Often described as having a 'faded glamour', it's economic fortunes have waxed and waned but it has real charm and character.人们通常称其为“褪色的魅力”,它的经济命运虽然起伏不定,但却具有真正的魅力和特色。

Buenos Aires has a complex and tumultuous modern history, characterized by political revolution, revolt and corruption.布宜诺斯艾利斯拥有复杂而动荡的现代历史,其特征是政治革命,反抗和腐败。 The city's major political issues began to appear after the election of President Juan Peron, a socialist revolutionary who won the favor of the working classes but faced massive opposition and eventually a military coup.在社会主义革命者胡安·佩隆(Juan Peron)总统当选后,该市的主要政治问题开始出现。他赢得了工人阶级的青睐,但遭到了大规模的反对,最终遭到了军事政变。

Buenos Aires is not just a gay-friendly city, it is also home to South America's largest pride celebrations.布宜诺斯艾利斯不仅是一个同性恋友好的城市,而且还是南美最大的骄傲庆典的所在地。 The city has a range of gay bars and clubs spread throughout its neighborhoods and is generally safe for LGBT+ travelers.这个城市在其各个社区分布着各种各样的同性恋酒吧和夜总会,对于LGBT +旅行者来说通常是安全的。 Whilst Argentina is a typically socially conservative and Catholic country, like many cosmopolitan cities, Buenos Aires is much more accepting and welcoming of people from a diverse range of backgrounds.像许多国际大都会一样,阿根廷是一个典型的社会保守和天主教国家,布宜诺斯艾利斯更能接受和欢迎来自不同背景的人们。



With its bustling atmosphere, varied mix of stalls and array of scents and smells, the San Telmo Market is a treasure trove of food, antiques and much more.圣特尔莫市场(San Telmo Market)拥有熙熙atmosphere的气氛,各种各样的摊位以及各种气味和气味,是食品,古董等的宝库。 The market was opened in 1897 in order to cater to the needs of the influx of European immigrants.该市场于2000年开放,以满足欧洲移民涌入的需求。 Although the original stalls have been replaced and updated, much of the market's original features remain intact and as such the building was declared a national monument in XNUMX.尽管原来的摊位已被替换和更新,但市场上的许多原始特征仍保持原样,因此该建筑物于XNUMX年被宣布为国家历史文物。

The San Telmo Market is open every day until sundown and visitors can shop for an assortment of products and goods.圣特尔莫市场每天开放,直到日落,游客可以购买各种产品和商品。 The majority of the fresh produce at the market is of a very high standard and usually fairly affordable.市场上的大部分新鲜农产品都具有很高的标准,通常价格也相当合理。


Argentina has the same Laissez-faire attitude to evenings as much of the Meditteranean, dinner tends to start around 9 pm and people don't head out until midnight.阿根廷对晚上的态度与大部分地中海沿岸的自由放任态度相同,晚餐通常在晚上XNUMX点左右开始,人们直到午夜才出发。 Whilst there is no official gay district in Buenos Aires, Palermo is where you'll find the highest concentration of gay bars and clubs.尽管在布宜诺斯艾利斯没有正式的同性恋区,但是在巴勒莫,您会发现同性恋酒吧和俱乐部的集中度最高。

There is little distinction between bars and clubs in Buenos Aires as most early evening bars turn into busy and lively dance clubs as the night goes on.布宜诺斯艾利斯的酒吧和俱乐部之间几乎没有区别,因为随着夜晚的进行,大多数傍晚的酒吧变成了繁忙而活跃的舞蹈俱乐部。 Gay travelers will also find that the city has a varied range of gay nightlife venues that will appeal to many tastes and interests.同性恋旅行者还会发现,该市有各种各样的同性恋夜生活场所,可以吸引许多口味和兴趣。

要获得城市最佳的拖曳表演,请前往 锡切斯酒吧。 The bar attracts a diverse and mixed gay crowd who flock to the venue for the great atmosphere and nightly entertainment.酒吧吸引了各种各样和混合的同性恋人群,他们涌向会场,享受绝佳的氛围和夜间娱乐活动。 Another popular bar in the Buenos Aires gay scene is布宜诺斯艾利斯同志场景中另一个受欢迎的酒吧是 ,这是一个时尚的地下酒吧,在该市年轻的同性恋人群中很流行,并定期举办本地LGBT +艺术家的现场音乐表演。



The Presidential home and government building is one of the most recognizable and significant locations in Buenos Aires and with its striking pink exterior, it's hard to miss.总统府和政府大楼是布宜诺斯艾利斯最知名,最重要的地点之一,其粉红色的外观引人注目,不容错过。 The decision to paint the country's most important building pink was made to diffuse tensions between the two main political parties at the time who's official colors were red and white respectively.决定将该国最重要的建筑物涂成粉红色是为了消除当时两个主要政党之间的紧张关系,当时官方的官方颜色分别是红色和白色。

Casa Rosada became globally recognized in the 1940s and 50s when President Juan Peron and First Lady Eva Peron would address the masses from the front-facing balcony.卡萨·罗莎达(Casa Rosada)在XNUMX年代和XNUMX年代获得全球认可,当时总统胡安·佩隆(Juan Peron)和第一夫人伊娃·佩隆(Eva Peron)从正面阳台向群众讲话。 This speech formed the basis for the song Don't Cry For Me Argentina.该演讲为歌曲“阿根廷别哭了”的基础。

Buenos Aires is big and busy, and at times can get overwhelming, but the perfect escape is to nearby Tigre.布宜诺斯艾利斯(Buenos Aires)很大,很忙,有时可能会让人不知所措,但完美的逃生是到附近的蒂格雷(Tigre)。 Tigre is a riverside paradise of small islands and canals that were originally used to unload the fruit that arrived by boat.蒂格雷(Tigre)是小岛和运河的河边天堂,最初是用来卸载乘船到达的水果的。 The area is peaceful and picturesque and home to many stunning landmarks and historical attractions, including Tigre Art Museum.该地区宁静而风景如画,并设有许多令人惊叹的地标和历史景点,包括蒂格雷美术馆。

For the ultimate Tigre experience, you should consider taking to the water on one of the many boat cruises that run daily.为了获得终极Tigre体验,您应该考虑在每天运行的众多游轮之一中入水。 Tigre sits on the edge of the Paraná Delta, the fifth largest delta in the world and an area of outstanding ecological diversity and significance.蒂格雷(Tigre)位于巴拉那三角洲(ParanáDelta)的边缘,巴拉那三角洲是世界第五大三角洲,并且拥有杰出的生态多样性和重要意义。 From the water, travelers can get a unique and intimate view of this charming small city.从水上,旅客可以欣赏到这座迷人小城市的独特而亲密的景色。


Regarded as one of the most important and exquisite opera houses on the planet, Teatro Colon has a rich and prestigious history as a world-class performance space.作为全球最重要,最精致的歌剧院之一,科隆剧院有悠久的历史,是世界一流的表演场所。 The opera house was inaugurated in 1908 and is unique in its stunning architecture and unparalleled acoustics.歌剧院于XNUMX年开幕,其迷人的建筑风格和无与伦比的音响效果是独一无二的。

The Teatro Colon has hosted a large selection of international classical performers including Plácido Domingo, José Carreras and Luciano Pavarotti.科隆剧院(Teatro Colon)接待了众多国际古典表演者,包括PlácidoDomingo,JoséCarreras和Luciano Pavarotti。 The venue is still fully operating and visitors can book seats from the Teatro Colon's box office, either in person or online.场地仍在全面运作,游客可以亲自或在线从Teatro Colon的票房预订座位。 In addition, visitors can also take guided tours of the building in order to gain a deeper and more complete understanding of its cultural significance and fascinating history.此外,游客还可以在建筑物的引导下进行游览,以更深刻,更完整地了解其文化意义和迷人的历史。


The product of recent developments in the city, Puerto Madero is a riverside neighborhood away from the chaos and bustle of Buenos Aires.马德罗港是该市近期发展的产物,是远离布宜诺斯艾利斯混乱和喧嚣的河畔社区。 The former dock has been developed into an open and expansive area that boasts stretching promenades, high-end eateries and bars as well as a range of modern landmarks.以前的码头已经发展成为一个开放而广阔的区域,拥有绵延的海滨长廊,高端餐厅和酒吧以及一系列现代地标。

The Jewell in Puerto Madero's crown is Puente de la Mujer (women's bridge), a feat of contemporary architecture in the form of a dramatically reclining bridge.马德罗港的皇冠上的珠宝是女人桥(Puente de la Mujer),这是一座当代建筑的壮举,以一座斜躺的桥的形式出现。 From the bridge, travelers can appreciate the stunning views of Puerto Madero and Buenos Aires's impressive skyline.从桥上,旅客可以欣赏波多黎各马德罗和布宜诺斯艾利斯令人印象深刻的天际线的壮丽景色。

On the other side of the neighborhood exists 865 acres of biologically diverse nature reserve.在社区的另一边,有XNUMX英亩的生物多样性自然保护区。 The expansive green space is a popular destination for those looking for some peace and quiet or to catch some sun in the summer months.广阔的绿色空间是那些在夏季寻找宁静与安宁或晒太阳的人们的热门之选。

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