Nestled on the rugged coast of South Africa, Cape Town is a city of extremes, in every sense of the word.开普敦坐落在南非崎coast的海岸上,从各个方面讲都是一个极端的城市。 Often known as “the pink city” it is a bastion of LGBT+ culture and community in Africa, boasting world-class gay nightlife, whilst the dramatic and spectacular landscape that surrounds the city offers endless possibilities for exploration and adventure.它经常被称为“粉红色城市”,是非洲LGBT +文化和社区的堡垒,拥有世界一流的同性恋夜生活,而环绕城市的壮观而壮观的景观为探索和冒险提供了无限可能。 Cape Town's famous history of racial turmoil and systematic oppression can still be felt on the streets today, and there are numerous venues and museum spaces dedicated to honouring the city's troubled history.如今,在街道上仍然可以感受到开普敦著名的种族动荡和系统的压迫历史,并且有许多场馆和博物馆空间专门用来纪念这座城市的动荡历史。



Moving, humbling and fascinating.感动,谦卑和迷人。 The District Six Museum seeks to preserve the memory and act as a reminder of the devastation thrust upon a once vibrant and eclectic area of Cape Town.第六郡博物馆试图保留记忆,并提醒人们对开普敦曾经充满活力和折衷的地区所遭受的破坏。 District Six was known for its artistic community, bohemian lifestyle and multiracial population, with its citizens living peacefully and proudly amongst one another.第六区以其艺术社区,波西米亚式生活方式和多种族人口而闻名,其公民彼此和平而自豪地生活。 However, during the apartheid of the 1960s and 70s, the area was designated a 'whites-only' district and 60,000 members of the community were forcibly removed and relocated to the bleak, infertile and sandy Cape Flats township.但是,在XNUMX年代和XNUMX年代的种族隔离时期,该地区被指定为“仅白人”地区,并且有XNUMX万名社区成员被强行撤离,并搬迁到荒凉,贫瘠和沙质的Cape Flats乡镇。

The museum exists inside an old methodist church and visitors can tour the extensive collection of artefacts, original documents, personal accounts and photography that document the horrific oppression that took place in the district.博物馆位于一所古老的卫理公会教堂内,游客可以参观大量的手工艺品,原始文件,个人账目和摄影作品,这些作品记录了该地区发生的可怕压迫。 The museum contains multiple recreations of traditional District Six housing and visitors are encouraged to immerse themselves in the area's sombre history.博物馆包含传统六区房屋的多种娱乐活动,鼓励游客沉浸在该地区的严峻历史中。



Cape Town is overwhelmingly gay-friendly, meaning that the majority of nightlife venues in the city are popular amongst the gay population and business will treat patrons with respect and dignity regardless of sexual orientation and gender identity.开普敦对同性恋者非常友好,这意味着该市大多数夜生活场所在同性恋人群中很受欢迎,企业将以尊重和尊严对待顾客,无论其性取向和性别认同如何。 However, there are a number of gay-specific bars and clubs, the majority of which can be found around the De Waterkant area.但是,有许多同性恋专用的酒吧和俱乐部,其中大多数可以在De Waterkant地区附近找到。

同性恋夜生活的中心和开普敦最受欢迎的酒吧之一是 Beefcakes. 野蛮、有趣且不严肃,Beefcakes 接待了南非最凶猛、最无悔的变装皇后以及世界级 DJ 和歌舞表演者的轮换阵容。 Beefcakes 旨在模仿典型的 1950 年代迈阿密海滩俱乐部,是一个热身的好地方,可以为一个盛大的夜晚外出热身,享用美味的汉堡或观看变装秀,同时啜饮美味的鸡尾酒。 不过一定要预约,没有预约可能进不去。

开普敦的俱乐部现场 is as lively and energetic as its gay community, with a wide and varied range of venues that are sure to pique the interest of any gay traveler.与同性恋社区一样,这里充满活力和活力,拥有各种各样的场所,一定会激起任何同性恋旅行者的兴趣。 Some of the best gay clubs in the city include该市一些最好的同性恋俱乐部包括 粉红糖果夜总会 和 StarGayzer。



Looming over Cape Town and casting an enormous shadow, the Table Mountain is a spectacular and awe-inspiring sight.桌山笼罩在开普敦,并投射出巨大的阴影,是壮观而令人敬畏的景象。 In contrast to the oppressive silhouette the mountain casts, its summit is an area of immense biodiversity, earning it a place as one of The New Seven Wonders of the World.与山峰令人难以置信的轮廓形成鲜明对比,山峰的顶峰是一个巨大的生物多样性地区,因此被誉为世界新七大奇迹之一。 The 57-square kilometre area that makes up Table Mountain is home to 1470 floral species, many of which are endemic to the area and essential parts of the local ecology.组成桌山的面积达XNUMX平方公里,是XNUMX种花草的家园,其中许多是该地区和当地生态必不可少的地方。

Travelers can access this expansive natural garden by the cable car that has been operating since 1929. Travelling up the mountain takes roughly five minuted and panoramic 360-degree views can be appreciated from the cable car.旅行者可以使用自XNUMX年以来开始运营的缆车,进入这个广阔的自然花园。上山旅行大约需要XNUMX分钟,从缆车可以欣赏到XNUMX度全景。 For the most adventurous of travelers, there are also a number of hiking trails and pathways that snake their way up the side of the mountain.对于最喜欢冒险的旅客,还有许多远足小径和小径蜿蜒上山。 The hikes typically take between one and three hours and offer a far richer experience of this stunning location.徒步旅行通常需要一到三个小时,并为这个令人惊叹的位置提供更丰富的体验。


Cape Town does pride like no one else.开普敦的骄傲与众不同。 Spanning a week and involving numerous events, parades and parties, the festival is a celebration of the immense diversity in the city.这个节日跨越一个星期,涉及许多活动,游行和聚会,是对城市巨大多样性的庆祝。 The pride celebrations kick off with the Cape Town Pride Pink Party, before four days of parties spread across the city's multiple gay venues commences.骄傲庆祝活动在开普敦骄傲粉红派对上拉开序幕,然后在该市多个同性恋场所开始进行为期四天的聚会。 The best locations to enjoy the pride atmosphere are at Crew bar, The Prison and Zer021, where visitors will find a range of pride focused events.船员酒吧,监狱和ZerXNUMX是享受骄傲气氛的最佳地点,游客可以在此找到一系列以骄傲为中心的活动。

Throughout the pride celebrations, there are a number of cultural and literary events such as the city's Bookcase, a collection of literary works from Cape Towns LGBT+ population.在整个骄傲庆典中,有许多文化和文学活动,例如该市的书柜,这是开普敦LGBT +人群的文学作品集。 The works a range of genres and all aim to tell the stories of LGBT+ people in the city and their experiences.这些作品具有多种流派,并且都旨在讲述该市LGBT +人群的故事及其经历。 However, the culmination of the Pride Festival is the large parade on the final day, where thousands of LGBT+ Cape Towners descend on the streets to march in pride and solidarity.然而,骄傲节的高潮是最后一天的大型游行,成千上万的LGBT +开普敦人走上街头,以骄傲和团结前进。


Cape Town is fun, vibrant and full of energy, but for all the gloriousness of this city, there are equal amounts of tragedy and oppression.开普敦充满乐趣,生机勃勃,充满活力,但尽管这座城市光荣灿烂,但悲剧和压迫却是一样的。 One of the most important locations in Cape Town is Robben Island- the prison where Nelson Mandela and fellow anti-apartheid activists were imprisoned for 18 years at the height of political and human-rights struggles in South Africa.开普敦最重要的地点之一是罗本岛(Robben Island),该监狱是纳尔逊·曼德拉(Nelson Mandela)和反种族隔离运动人士在南非的政治和人权斗争最激烈的地方被监禁XNUMX年的地方。

Travelers can reach the prison by ferry from Cape Town harbour and trips run frequently throughout the day.旅客可以从开普敦港口乘渡轮到达监狱,而且一日游频繁。 Tours are available once inside the prison and the resident guides are fully knowledgable of the islands 500-year history, spanning multiple occupations and moments of great political significance.一次在监狱内就可以参观,居民向导完全了解该岛XNUMX年的历史,涉及多个职业和具有重要政治意义的时刻。 Visitors are shown the entire prison complex before arriving at the cell where Nelson Mandella spent the majority of his sentence, an experience that is guaranteed to move and inspire any traveler.在到达纳尔逊·曼德拉(Nelson Mandella)花费大部分时间的牢房之前,向参观者展示了整个监狱综合体,这种体验可以确保移动并启发任何旅行者。

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