The city's main gay district is Wilton Manors, a diverse and vibrant district spanning multiple blocks and boasting a plethora of gay bars and clubs.该市的主要同性恋区是威尔顿庄园,这是一个充满活力的地区,横跨多个街区,并拥有众多同性恋酒吧和夜总会。 Even the government of Wilton Manors is largely LGBT+ and the area has a truly friendly and welcoming atmosphere.甚至威尔顿庄园(Wilton Manors)的政府在很大程度上都是LGBT +,该地区拥有真正的友好和热情的气氛。



Often referred to as “The Venice of America” Fort Lauderdale features a unique and expansive waterfront and one of the best ways to enjoy all that the city has to offer is by boat.劳德代尔堡(Fort Lauderdale)通常被称为“美国的威尼斯”,拥有独特而广阔的海滨,而乘船游览这座城市所提供的一切的最佳方式之一。 There are numerous boat tours available in the city and each offers a unique glimpse at life in the sunshine state.这座城市有许多乘船游览,每一次都可以让您对阳光下的生活有独特的了解。

Those choosing to explore the city by boat will have the chance to peer into the beachfront gardens of the rich and famous, observe the area's beautiful coastal scenery and spot wildlife from the comfort of an air-conditioned cruising vessel.那些选择乘船游览城市的人将有机会凝视着这个有名望的海滨花园,观察该地区美丽的沿海风光,并在装有空调的巡航船的陪伴下观赏野生动植物。 Tours range from high-octane speedboat rides to gentle river cruises, meaning there truly is something for every gay traveler.游览范围从高辛烷值的快艇骑行到温和的河道巡游,这意味着每位同性恋旅行者都可以找到真正的东西。



Las Olas Boulevard could be considered the beating heart of Fort Lauderdale.拉斯奥拉斯大道可以被视为劳德代尔堡的心脏跳动。 The beautiful tree-lined street is the city's main district for shopping, eating and entertainment and boasts 250,000 square feet of retail and dining space.美丽的绿树成荫的街道是该市购物,饮食和娱乐的主要区域,拥有XNUMX万平方英尺的零售和用餐空间。 Las Olas is home to a carefully curated blend of local, national and international brands that guarantee visitors an exciting shopping experience.拉斯奥拉斯(Las Olas)精心策划了本地,国家和国际品牌的融合,为游客带来令人兴奋的购物体验。

By dusk, the boulevard is alive with the bustle of locals and tourists enjoying the many outdoor dining and drinking options that span the area, soaking up the last rays of Floridian sun before heading to one of the area's many bars and clubs.到了黄昏,林荫大道充满了当地人和游客的喧嚣,他们享受着遍布该地区的许多户外餐饮场所,吸收了佛罗里达最后的阳光,然后前往该地区众多的酒吧和俱乐部之一。 Any gay travelers will undoubtedly spend time in this lively and vibrant area of the city and it should definitely not be missed.毫无疑问,任何同性恋旅行者都将在这个充满生机和活力的城市度过时光,绝对不能错过。



威尔顿庄园(Wilton Manors)是该国最著名和令人印象深刻的同志地区之一,毫无疑问,这里有众多选择 同性恋酒吧俱乐部。 A number of gay nightlife tours can be found in Fort Lauderdale, whereby travelers can experience the best and brightest of the city's nightlife venues with a knowledgable and well connected gay local.劳德代尔堡有许多同性恋夜生活之旅,旅客可以与当地知识渊博,联系紧密的同性恋者一起体验这座城市最好,最明亮的夜生活场所。

猎人 is a large gay club located in the heart of Wilton Manors and features a large dancefloor, lounge and outside balcony area.是位于威尔顿庄园中心的大型同性恋俱乐部,设有大型舞池,休息室和室外阳台。 The club hosts regular events including cabaret, country nights and drag shows.俱乐部定期举办各种活动,包括歌舞表演,乡村之夜和现场表演。 Hunters prides itself on its inclusive and friendly ethos and prioritizes individual difference and diversity.猎人以其包容和友好的精神为荣,并优先考虑个人差异和多样性。


FATVillage占据了该市的前仓库和包装区,是一项非盈利性发展的再生和创新计划,旨在增加该地区的艺术和创意产出。 The four-block district is compact but the atmosphere is one of energy and possibility, many of the old warehouses are now rented by up and coming artists, quirky coffee shops and multi-purpose venues.四个街区很紧凑,但气氛却是充满活力和可能性的地方,许多老仓库现在都由新来的艺术家,古怪的咖啡店和多功能场所出租。




Deerfield Beach is located just north of Boca Raton and is known for its chilled and casual atmosphere.迪尔菲尔德海滩(Deerfield Beach)位于博卡拉顿(Boca Raton)北部,以其凉爽休闲的氛围而闻名。 The area is less busy than some of the nearby beaches and is popular amongst local fishermen, who can often be seen hauling their prized catches up the shore.该地区不如附近的一些海滩那么繁忙,在当地渔民中很受欢迎,通常可以看到他们拖着宝贵的渔获物爬上了海岸。 Deerfield Beach is also notable for its plentiful selection of restaurants and cafes.迪尔菲尔德海滩(Deerfield Beach)还以其众多的餐厅和咖啡馆而闻名。

Home to 18 shipwrecks, Pompano Beach is a haven for travelers keen to explore the mysterious structures hidden under the water.庞帕诺比奇(Pompano Beach)是XNUMX艘沉船的家园,是热衷于探索隐藏在水下的神秘建筑的旅行者的天堂。 Visitors can snorkel or take scuba courses in the tropical waters and the area is also very popular with accomplished divers.游客可以在热带水域浮潜或参加潜水课程,该地区也深受熟练潜水员的欢迎。 Boats can be hired from a number of rental outlets and are the perfect way to explore the bay.可以从许多出租店租用船只,是探索海湾的理想方式。

要深入了解这座城市的海滩选择,请阅读我们对 劳德代尔堡最好的同性恋海滩.



Since opening in 1974, the Stonewall National Museum and Archives has served as the USA's largest library and archive dedicated to LGBT+ history, liberation and individuals.自8,000年开放以来,斯通沃尔国家博物馆和档案馆一直是美国最大的图书馆和档案馆,致力于LGBT +的历史,解放和个人。 The museum attracts XNUMX visitors a year and displays a revolving collection of exhibitions and installations including Billy Porter's red boots from Broadway's Kinky Boots, an original print from Alfred Kinsey's sex research and costumes from the iconic Queer as Folk.博物馆每年吸引XNUMX名参观者,并展出一系列旋转的展览和装置,包括百老汇的Kinky Boots的Billy Porter的红色靴子,Alfred Kinsey的性研究的原始印刷品和标志性的Queer的民俗服装。

The archive boasts an impressive collection of costumes, papers and digital artefacts that represent the tumultuous and joyous history of the country's LGBT+ population.该档案馆藏有令人印象深刻的服装,纸张和数字手工艺品,代表了该国LGBT +人口的动荡和欢乐的历史。 The World AIDS Museum is also located close by and visitors are recommended to experience both centres.世界艾滋病博物馆也位于附近,建议参观者参观两个中心。



Bonnet House坐落在35英亩的土地上,远离劳德代尔堡(Fort Lauderdale)海滩的喧嚣,这里是一处令人惊叹的20世纪早期房地产,曾是艺术家弗雷德里克(Frederic)和伊夫琳·巴列特(Evelyn Barlett)的住所。 Bonnet House现在已成为博物馆,为游客提供了一个时光倒流的机会,回到修剪整齐的花园和加勒比海地区影响了佛罗里达州老建筑的时代。

Whilst the property itself is a beautiful masterpiece of period architecture, Bonnet House is also home to an impressive permanent collection of artworks collected by Frederic Barlett, a once highly influential figure in the US art scene.物业本身就是精美的时期建筑杰作,而邦内之家(Bonnet House)也是永久性收藏品的所在地,该收藏品是弗雷德里克·巴列特(Frederic Barlett)收集的,他曾经是美国艺术界的重要人物。 Visitors can enjoy the expansive grounds that play host to a diverse array of flora and fauna including flamingoes, peacocks and monkeys.参观者可以在广阔的土地上观赏各种动植物,包括火烈鸟,孔雀和猴子。

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