An urban sprawl amidst the vast Great Plains, Missouri's capital city is the home of BBQ, jazz, and what used to be called the American Dream.密苏里州的首府城市遍布广阔的大平原,是烧烤,爵士乐和以前称为美国梦的故乡。 A city where stretching suburbs spill into prime downtown real estate, Kansas City is a truly unique destination.堪萨斯城是一个城市,郊区延伸到市区主要房地产,堪称真正的独特目的地。 The same amount of water fountains as Rome and one of the world's best Jazz scenes make the city is one of the most inviting in the USA and with a blossoming art community and world-class museums, there really is something for everyone here.与罗马市同等数量的喷泉和世界上最好的爵士乐场景之一,使这座城市成为美国最吸引人的城市之一,并且这里拥有繁华的艺术社区和世界一流的博物馆,这里确实为每个人提供了东西。

The city is also the gay capital of the state.该市还是该州的同性恋首都。 The main gay district in Kansas City is the Crossroads Art District, a quirky and eclectic part of the city that is home to a range of LGBT+ organizations as well as numerous gay bars, clubs, and cafes.堪萨斯市的主要同性恋区是Crossroads Art District,该市是一个古怪而折衷的地方,这里有许多LGBT +组织以及众多同性恋酒吧,俱乐部和咖啡馆。 Kansas City has held pride festivals since 1975 and these attract tens of thousands of LGBT+ individuals annually.堪萨斯城自XNUMX年以来一直举办骄傲节,每年吸引成千上万的LGBT +个人参加。



The first thing you'll notice when you approach the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art is the large shuttlecocks installation that sits on the front lawn.当您进入纳尔逊·阿特金斯艺术博物馆时,您会注意到的第一件事是位于前草坪的大型shuttle子装置。 The two overgrown sculptures were installed in 1996 and represent the museum's cutting edge approach to art curation.这两个杂草丛生的雕塑是在34,500年安装的,代表了博物馆艺术策划的前沿方法。 Home to more than 5,000 artifacts, artworks, and permanent installations, the museum has one of the most extensive and culturally varied collections in the USA, with pieces sourced from every continent.该博物馆拥有超过XNUMX件文物,艺术品和永久性装置,是美国最广泛,文化最多样化的藏品之一,其作品来自各大洲。 Over XNUMX years of history is preserved at the Nelson-Atkins and the collection of Asian art is regarded as world-class.纳尔逊·阿特金斯(Nelson-Atkins)保留了XNUMX多年的历史,亚洲艺术品收藏被认为是世界一流的。

Rozzelle Court是博物馆内的一家意大利主题餐厅,提供午餐和晚餐,并且该博物馆还设有小咖啡馆和礼品店。 If you're looking for a creative, innovative, and inspiring attraction, then look no further than the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art.如果您正在寻找一个创意,创新和鼓舞人心的景点,那么纳尔逊·阿特金斯艺术博物馆就不胜枚举。


Whilst Kansas City can't compete with the gay scenes of LA, Chicago, or Miami, there is still a good-sized selection of gay bars and clubs spread throughout the city.虽然堪萨斯城无法与洛杉矶,芝加哥或迈阿密的同性恋场面竞争,但仍然有相当数量的同性恋酒吧和俱乐部遍布整个城市。 For decades, Missouri's largest city has been a mecca for LGBT+ young people, who face prejudice, discrimination, and danger in their rural or suburban homes.几十年来,密苏里州最大的城市一直是LGBT +年轻人的圣地,他们在农村或郊区的房屋中面临偏见,歧视和危险。 As such, the gay venues in the city tend to be tight-knit and intimate spaces that foster an atmosphere of inclusion, warmth, and openness.因此,城市中的同性恋场所往往是紧密和亲密的空间,营造了包容,温暖和开放的氛围。

伍迪的 is one of Kansas City's most popular gay bars, offering a traditional sports bar atmosphere with an added gay twist.是堪萨斯城最受欢迎的同性恋酒吧之一,提供了传统体育酒吧的氛围,并增加了同性恋气氛。 A diverse crowd is drawn to Woody's by the generously sized drinks, great deals, and lively atmosphere.种类繁多的酒水,超值优惠和热闹的气氛吸引了伍迪的注意。 The bar gets very busy on Fridays and Saturdays as local gay guys flock through its doors to enjoy the various themed events and parties.酒吧在周五和周六非常忙碌,当地同性恋者蜂拥而至,享受各种主题活动和聚会。 街边酒吧 is one of the city's longest-running gay bars.是该市运营时间最长的同性恋酒吧之一。 With the epicenter of the bar being the large outside patio area, Sidestreet is the perfect place to have an afternoon drink and people watch from the safety of an inclusive and welcoming gay bar.酒吧的震中是宽敞的户外露台区,Sidestreet是喝下午酒的理想场所,人们可以从一个包容而热情的同性恋酒吧的安全中观看。 The venue is located in the Midtown area of Kansas City, meaning many of the top tourist attractions are within easy walking distance.场地位于堪萨斯城的中城区,这意味着许多顶级旅游景点都在步行距离之内。


Boulevard Brewing Company成立于1989年,最初是一家小规模啤酒厂,现已发展成为中西部最大的特色啤酒厂,Boulevard酿造的啤酒在美国各地销售。 No trip to Kansas City is complete without a visit to the home of this iconic brand.如果不参观这个标志性品牌的故乡,前往堪萨斯城的旅程是不完整的。 Occupying a century-old brick warehouse, when the brewery was first opened, production was completed through a vintage Bavarian brewery, today the same process is used, albeit with a few extra bells and whistles.啤酒厂最初开业时,它占据了一座有百年历史的砖仓库,现在通过巴伐利亚的一家老式啤酒厂完成了生产,如今,尽管使用了一些额外的铃铛和口哨声,但仍使用相同的过程。

Visitors to Kansas City can take an immersive and fascinating guided tour of the brewery, during which the entire facility is opened up and guests can learn about the company's strange history as well as the process of brewing specialty beer.参观堪萨斯城的游客可以参观啤酒厂,并进行一场身临其境且引人入胜的导览游,在此期间,整个工厂将被开放,客人可以了解该公司的悠久历史以及酿造特种啤酒的过程。 The tour starts and ends with free beer and visitors are encouraged to sample throughout.游览以免费啤酒开始和结束,并鼓励参观者在整个过程中品尝。 After the tour, be sure to visit the gift shop and cafe, which sells an assortment of refreshments, snacks, and souvenirs.游览结束后,一定要去礼品店和咖啡馆,那里出售各种点心,小吃和纪念品。 Throughout the year, a number of events and festivals are held at the brewery, so be sure to check what's on before you visit.全年,啤酒厂都会举办许多活动和节日,所以一定要在参观之前检查一下正在发生的事情。


No matter if you're a baseball fan or not, any visitor will enjoy the exhilarating Kauffman Stadium.无论您是否是棒球迷,任何游客都将享受令人振奋的考夫曼体育场。 The home of the Kansas City Royals, the Stadium has been designed with fan experience at the forefront, and there is a myriad of exciting and fun-filled attractions here.体育场是堪萨斯皇家队的故乡,其设计是最前沿的球迷经验,这里有无数激动人心和充满乐趣的景点。 Baseball games can be caught throughout the week at the park and offer an authentic and traditional Kansas City sports experience, complete with hotdogs, and beer.您可以在公园的整个星期内观看棒球比赛,并提供堪萨斯城地道的传统运动体验,以及热狗和啤酒。

The stadium is home to a number of impressive fountain displays and there is also a 360-degree walkway, meaning you can catch the action from any spot, or if you get bored of the baseball, head over to one of the numerous eateries and restaurants that are located in the stadium and span a range of cuisines and tastes.体育场内设有许多令人印象深刻的喷泉表演,并且还有2009度的人行道,这意味着您可以从任何地点观看比赛,或者,如果您对棒球感到厌烦,可以前往众多餐馆和餐馆之一位于体育场内,涵盖多种美食和口味。 After an extensive renovation in XNUMX, the Kauffman Stadium is now home to a large interactive museum and a baseball hall of fame, making it a rounded and worthwhile attraction.经过XNUMX年的大规模改建后,考夫曼体育场现在是一座大型互动博物馆和一个棒球名人堂的所在地,使其成为一处颇具吸引力的圆形景点。

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Spanning 15 blocks and illuminated year-round with an enormous amount of lights, the Country Club Plaza isn't any outdoor mall.乡村俱乐部广场跨越XNUMX个街区,全年照明充足,没有任何户外购物中心。 Whilst most shopping experiences require a decent amount of walking, at the Country Club Plaza, there is a number of ways you can get around, from gondola rides down the canal to a horse-drawn carriage- the location truly is a fairytale experience.尽管大多数购物体验都需要一定程度的步行,但是在乡村俱乐部广场,您可以使用多种方式出行,从缆车沿着运河到马拉的马车,真正的地理位置是童话般的体验。 The plaza is heavily inspired by Spanish architecture, and an atmosphere of wonder and beauty is created by the lush greenery and numerous fountains.广场受到西班牙建筑的启发,郁郁葱葱的绿色植物和众多喷泉营造出一种奇妙而美丽的氛围。 The location of the plaza is great for travelers who want to fully explore the city, as two of Kansas City's top museums are situated within quick walking distance.广场的位置非常适合想要全面探索这座城市的旅行者,因为堪萨斯城的两个顶级博物馆都位于步行范围之内。

It's at the Country Club Plaza that you'll find some of the city's best upmarket restaurants, cafes and eateries.在乡村俱乐部广场,您会发现一些城市最好的高档餐馆,咖啡厅和餐馆。 In recent years, Kansas City has welcomed the emergence of a flourishing culinary scene, with restaurants like Gram and Dun, pushing the boundaries of edible entertainment.近年来,堪萨斯城欢迎美食界的兴起,例如Gram和Dun等餐厅,推动了饮食娱乐的发展。

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