The capital of Mexico and South America's second-largest city, Mexico City is a vibrant and action-packed melting pot of cultures, history and art.墨西哥城是墨西哥的首都,也是南美第二大城市,是一个充满活力,充满动感的文化,历史和艺术熔炉。 Evidence can be seen throughout the city's streets of the countless global influences that have shaped its modern identity, from the ancient Aztec infrastructure to the colonial Spanish rule.从古老的阿兹台克人基础设施到西班牙殖民统治,无处不在的全球影响力塑造了现代身份,在整个城市的街道上都能看到证据。 Mexico City is also the country's main location of industry, finance and fashion and is one of the world's most visited cities.墨西哥城还是该国工业,金融和时尚的主要所在地,并且是世界上访问量最大的城市之一。

Recent improvements in LGBT+ rights and a slowly increasing gay scene have made Mexico City a popular destination for gay travelers in recent years.近年来,LGBT +权利的改善和同性恋场面的缓慢增长使墨西哥城成为同性恋旅行者的热门目的地。 Whilst steps are being made in the right direction, the gay community here tends to be discreet, but no less passionate.尽管朝着正确的方向迈出了一步,但这里的同性恋社区往往比较谨慎,但充满热情。



The bulk of Mexico City's gay nightlife venues can be found in and around the Zona Rosa, a district of the city that has a large LGBT+ population and a discrete but lively gay scene.墨西哥城的大部分同性恋夜生活场所都位于Zona Rosa及其附近,Zona Rosa是该城市拥有大量LGBT +人口和离散但活跃的同性恋场面的地区。 Mexico as a country is still fairly conservative, so the gay bars and clubs in Mexico City tend to operate on the more discreet side, and whilst venues aren't hidden away, they probably won't have rainbow flags covering their exterior.墨西哥作为一个国家仍然相当保守,因此墨西哥城的同性恋酒吧和俱乐部倾向于在更为谨慎的一面开展工作,尽管场地并未被隐藏,但它们的外观可能不会覆盖彩虹旗。

位于佐纳罗莎(Zona Rosa)的心脏地带,横跨三个宽敞的楼层,每个楼层 男孩吧 Boy Bar是墨西哥城仅有的男性专用场所之一,严格执行入境政策,因此一旦进入,便可以进入。

汤姆的皮筋 has been an institution in Mexico City for decades and caters towards the kinkier side of the city's gay population.几十年来,它一直是墨西哥城的一家机构,主要服务于该市同性恋人群的一面。 The bar is an established and beloved venue that is instantly recognisable thanks to its dungeon-like interior and industrial vibe.酒吧是一个受人欢迎的场所,由于其具有类似地牢的内部装饰和工业氛围,因此可以立即被识别。 Tom's features a wide range of facilities including a darkroom and TVs streaming raunchy adult films.汤姆(Tom's)提供各种设施,包括暗房和电视,播放流氓成人电影。



Built in 1927, Parque Mexico is regarded as one of the city's most beautiful, tranquil and most successful urban gardens.墨西哥公园(Parque Mexico)建于XNUMX年,被认为是该市最美丽,最宁静和最成功的城市花园之一。 The park is located in Condesa, a district of Mexico City known for its preserved art deco architecture, stately mansions and hipster atmosphere.该公园位于墨西哥城孔德萨(Condesa),该地区以保存完好的装饰艺术建筑,庄严的豪宅和时髦氛围而闻名。 The nine-hectare park is sprinkled with fountains, play areas, sculptures and installations that can all be experienced thanks to the winding paths that gently meander around this peaceful patch of paradise.这座占地九公顷的公园散布着喷泉,游乐区,雕塑和装置,这些蜿蜒的小径蜿蜒曲折地蜿蜒于这个宁静的天堂,所有这些都可以体验。

The art deco surroundings of leafy Condesa make their way into Parque Mexico itself, with multiple design features that are typical of the style popular when they were built in the 1920s and 30s.绿树成荫的孔德萨(Condesa)的装饰艺术氛围进入了墨西哥公园(Parque Mexico)本身,具有多种设计特征,这些特征是XNUMX年代和XNUMX年代建造时流行的典型风格。 One of the park's main attractions is the elaborate and ornate clocktower.公园的主要景点之一是精美而华丽的钟楼。 Constructed from steel and painted in a striking blue, the clocktower is one of the most popular art deco structures in Mexico City and is an intricate display of period design and ingenuity.钟楼由钢制成,并涂有醒目的蓝色,是墨西哥城最受欢迎的装饰艺术建筑之一,是时期设计和匠心之作的错综复杂的展示。


Zona Rosa means pink zone and is unsurprisingly Mexico City's most notable gay district.佐纳·罗莎(Zona Rosa)的意思是粉红区,毫不奇怪,它是墨西哥城最著名的同性恋地区。 The neighborhood is a hub of creativity, multiculturalism and liberation, known for its long-established Korean community and large LGBT+ population.该社区是创造力,多元文化和解放的枢纽,以其悠久的韩国社区和大量LGBT +人口而闻名。 The area is also a major tourist destination because of the dense concentration of nightlife and entertainment venues.由于夜生活和娱乐场所的密集,该地区还是主要的旅游目的地。

The focal point of Zona Rosa's gay scene is Calle Amberes, the neighborhood's main avenue.佐纳·罗莎(Zona Rosa)同性恋场景的焦点是该地区的主要大街Calle Amberes。 Amberes is home to a densely concentrated selection of gay clubs, bars and restaurants, and the patrons of these venues can often be seen spilling out onto the pavement on busy nights.安伯斯(Amberes)是众多同性恋俱乐部,酒吧和餐馆的集中地,在忙碌的夜晚,经常看到这些场所的顾客溅到人行道上。 Zona Rosa is symbolic of the edgier side of Mexico City and has been a hub of transgression for decades, still today there is something happening on every corner of this eclectic neighborhood.佐纳·罗莎(Zona Rosa)象征着墨西哥城的前卫风貌,数十年来一直是犯罪的枢纽,但今天,在这个折衷主义的社区的每个角落仍然发生着事情。



The wide waterways of the neighborhood are now occupied by Trajinera- traditional Mexican watercraft that feature flat bottoms and are simple in their construction.现在,该社区的宽阔水路被Trajinera(墨西哥传统的船只)所占据,该船只的底部平坦且结构简单。 Today the Trajinera are used mainly by cruising companies who will take you up and down the canals for a fee.如今,Trajinera主要由巡航公司使用,这些公司将带您上付费下运河。 This is a great way to experience the neighborhood as the banks of the canal and the waterside foliage is brimming with wildlife and nature.这是体验邻里的绝佳方式,因为运河两岸和水边的树叶都充满了野生动植物和自然风光。


Few images are as instantly symbolic of Mexico City as the Catedral Metropolitana, the largest cathedral in South America and a 300-year construction project.很少有像Catedral Metropolitana(大教堂大都会大教堂),南美最大的大教堂和一项长达109年的建设项目那样具有像墨西哥城这样的象征。 One of the most significant and important locations in the whole of Mexico, the cathedral is massive, measuring at 59 meters long and XNUMX meters wide.大教堂是整个墨西哥最重要和最重要的地点之一,规模巨大,长XNUMX米,宽XNUMX米。 Much of the interior carving and art has been carried out on gold, creating a true ark of opulence and power.许多内部雕刻和艺术品都是在黄金上进行的,创造了真正的富裕和力量的方舟。

Construction started in 1573 and continued throughout the entire Colonial period.始建于XNUMX年,并在整个殖民时期一直持续进行。 Upon entering the Catedral Metropolitana, the most instantly recognisable feature is the beautiful and gold gilded altar.进入大都会大教堂时,最立即可识别的特征是美丽的金色镀金祭坛。 There is often a line of worshippers at the foot of this elaborate feature and visitors are welcome to do so when mass is not occurring.这个精美功能的脚下经常有一群崇拜者,欢迎游客在没有大规模集会的情况下这样做。



For decades the leafy streets of Coyoacan have been a bastion of counterculture and creativity, providing shelter to some of history's most influential artists and fostering a spirit of rebellion and revolution.几十年来,科约阿坎的绿树成荫的街道一直是反文化和创造力的堡垒,为一些历史上最有影响力的艺术家提供了庇护所,并培养了叛逆和革命精神。 Some of the most famous individuals to grace Coyoacan include Diego Rivera, Frida Kahlo and Leon Trotsky, all three of whom now have museums at the sites of their homes in the district.在科约阿坎岛上最有名的人物包括迭戈·里维拉(Diego Rivera),弗里达·卡洛(Frida Kahlo)和莱昂·托洛茨基(Leon Trotsky),这三个人现在在该地区房屋所在地都设有博物馆。 The area remained independent well into the 20th century before being fused with the rest of Mexico City.在与墨西哥城其他地区融合之前,该地区一直保持独立直至XNUMX世纪。

Today the neighborhood is a peaceful and quiet spot in the city, despite being one of the most visited.如今,尽管它是访问量最大的地区之一,但却是城市中一个宁静祥和的地方。 The streets are populated with small cafes, bookstores, museums and markets, and there are also a few particularly notable institutions, including the Museo de Frida Kahlo and the Los Coyotes Zoo.街道上到处都是小型咖啡馆,书店,博物馆和市场,也有一些特别著名的机构,包括弗里达·卡洛博物馆和洛斯郊狼动物园。


Dias de los Muertos的公开示威往往是响亮,丰富多彩和充满活力的。

Since 2016, Mexico City has held annual Day of the Dead parades, involving live music, large danc troupes, colorful costumes and impressive floats.自250,000年以来,墨西哥城每年举行一次“亡灵节”游行,包括现场音乐表演,大型舞蹈团,色彩鲜艳的服装和令人印象深刻的花车。 The event is consistently popular, attracting over XNUMX people a year.该活动一直很受欢迎,每年吸引XNUMX万多人。 During the festival period, a range of events and celebrations can be found throughout Mexico City and shouldn't be missed.在节日期间,整个墨西哥城都可以举行一系列活动和庆祝活动,因此不容错过。



Soumaya博物馆通常被公认为拥有20世纪西方大师画家的世界上最精美的作品之一,是墨西哥最受欢迎和有人参与的博物馆。 Dedicated to showcasing the talents of the country's best painters and sculptors, the museum also has a vast collection of Mexican artists including Diego Rivera and Rufino Tamayo.该博物馆致力于展示该国最优秀的画家和雕塑家的才华,同时还收藏了众多墨西哥艺术家,包括迭戈·里维拉和鲁菲诺·塔玛约。

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