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Planning a trip to Puerto Vallarta?计划前往巴亚尔塔港旅行? Our gay Puerto Vallarta city guide is the page for you.我们同性恋同性恋瓦拉塔港的城市向导为您提供页面。


巴亚尔塔港是墨西哥最受欢迎的旅游目的地之一。 这里也是同性恋圣地。 LGBT+ 美国人每年都会涌向巴亚尔塔港(也称为 PV)。 您会在 PV 找到许多一流的酒店,更不用说世界一流的夜生活了。 它被认为是首都以外墨西哥最好的美食目的地。

Once a sleepy fishing town, Puerto Vallarta emerged as a major hotspot when Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton made it their second home.伊丽莎白·泰勒(Elizabeth Taylor)和理查德·伯顿(Richard Burton)曾经是一个沉睡的渔镇,后来成为瓦拉塔港的主要景点。 From the 1960s onwards, PV has been a very fashionable destination.从XNUMX年代起,光伏一直是非常时尚的目的地。 It offers the perfect combination of sun, sand and sea.它提供了阳光,沙滩和大海的完美结合。 In peak season it's also one of the gayest places in the Americas.在旺季,它也是美洲最同性恋的地方之一。


Zona Romantica是拉丁美洲最大的同性恋社区。 Zona Romantica在晚上变得非常醉酒和轻快。 You're sure to have a gay old time.你一定有同性恋的旧时光。 Just avoid having a shot of tequila with every drink and you should be fine.只要避免每杯饮料都喝龙舌兰酒就可以了。

火烈鸟先生 is one of the most popular gay bars in Puerto Vallarta.是巴亚尔塔港最受欢迎的同性恋酒吧之一。 It's in the heart of Zona Romantica.它位于Zona Romantica的中心。 You'll see people spilling out onto the street as the night progresses.随着夜晚的进行,您会看到人们涌向街道。 It's a good place to mingle.这是一个交流的好地方。 For a civilized cocktail, head to想要品尝文明的鸡尾酒,请前往 嘉宝的钢琴吧。 “ Tener Garbo”是西班牙语短语,指的是任何人或任何优雅的人。 Does that sound like you?听起来像你吗?

前往 Reinas for a truly surreal experience.以获得真正超现实的体验。 It's a gay bar dedicated to the British royal family.这是一家致力于英国王室的同性恋酒吧。 You'll see pictures of the Queen and Princess Diana plastered all over the walls.您会看到女王和戴安娜王妃贴满墙壁的图片。 The Prince Andrew photo may have been removed since we last visited, come to think it.自从我们上次访问以来,安德鲁王子的照片可能已被删除,请仔细考虑。 Don't miss Reinas for a dose of British eccentricity in Mexico.不要错过雷纳斯(Reinas)对英国在墨西哥的怪癖。 帕科牧场 is a must-visit.是必去的。 It's considered to be the liveliest gay bar in Zona Romantica.它被认为是Zona Romantica中最活跃的同性恋酒吧。 You'll see some amazing drag shows.您会看到一些惊人的拖动表演。



PV的大部分旅游业都偏向LGBT +旅行者。 Divine Dollars and Pink Pounds flow freely in this city and money sure talks.神币和粉红色的磅在这座城市中自由流动,金钱确定的话题。 Pretty much all Puerto Vallarta hotels are either gay-friendly or very gay-friendly.瓦拉塔港所有酒店几乎都是同性恋友好型或非常同性恋友好型酒店。 One of the most popular hotels in Puerto Vallarta for gay travelers is the瓦拉塔港最受欢迎的男同性恋者酒店之一是 阿尔玛度假村。 这是一家“直率友好”的海滨酒店。 这是一家高档同性恋酒店,因此您可以期待别致的客房和优质的服务。 酒店的顶级酒吧也值得一去——它可以欣赏到城市的美景。

秘密瓦拉塔湾 is a great 5-star choice on the famous Malecon boardwalk.是著名的Malecon木板路上的XNUMX星级绝佳选择。 Another popular choice for gay travelers is the同性恋旅行者的另一个热门选择是 瓦拉塔港万豪酒店。 It's a little further from the nightlife but you can easily get to Zona Romantica and back in a taxi.夜生活距离这里很近,但您可以轻松到达Zona Romantica,然后乘出租车回去。



PV位于哈利斯科州,可俯瞰班德拉斯湾。 Across the bay you'll see Punta Mita in the neighboring state of Nayarit.跨过海湾,您会在邻近的纳亚里特州看到蓬塔米塔。 It's well worth taking a boat tour around Banderas Bay.乘船游览班德拉斯湾非常值得。 It's full of dolphins and even some whales.这里充满了海豚,甚至还有一些鲸鱼。 You can explore the local caves and remote beaches.您可以探索当地的洞穴和偏远的海滩。

Casa Kimberly是Liz Taylor和Richard Burton的故居。 It's now a luxury hotel.现在是豪华酒店。 You can stay there if you have deep pockets.如果您财大气粗,可以呆在那里。 Failing that you can always pop in for a cocktail in a very swanky setting.否则,您总是可以在非常时髦的环境中品尝鸡尾酒。 The Malecon boardwalk is where you'll find PV's best shops.在Malecon木板路可找到PV最好的商店。 阅读更多: 在瓦拉塔港景点玩乐.


瓦拉塔港有一个同性恋澡堂叫 斯巴达克斯。 It's a good place to cool down and let off some tension, so to speak.可以这么说,这是一个放松和放松的好地方。 It's spread out over four floors.它分布在四层楼上。 During the busiest months, it can get packed with men all looking for one thing and one thing only.在最繁忙的几个月中,它可能挤满了只寻找一件事和一件事的男人。 It's right in the heart of the gay district.就在同性恋区的中心。


You'll fly into Licenciado Gustavo Díaz Ordaz International Airport (PVR).您将飞往Licenciado GustavoDíazOrdaz国际机场(PVR)。 A lot of flights from the USA or Europe will land in Mexico City.来自美国或欧洲的许多航班都将降落在墨西哥城。 The connecting flight to PV takes around 1 hour and 30 minutes.前往PV的中转航班大约需要XNUMX小时XNUMX分钟。 You'll fly over some very dramatic mountains as you approach PV.接近PV时,您将飞过一些非常壮观的山脉。 From the USA there are also direct flights to Puerto Vallarta from Los Angeles, New York City, Atlanta and other major hubs.从美国出发,也有从洛杉矶,纽约市,亚特兰大和其他主要枢纽直飞瓦拉塔港的航班。



Puerto Vallarta is pretty compact so you can walk.瓦拉塔港非常紧凑,因此您可以步行。 It's very well pedestrianised.行人专用区很好。 Your exploration should begin on the Malecon where you'll find the famous Puerto Vallarta sign.您的探索应该从Malecon开始,在那里您将找到著名的Puerto Vallarta标志。 An important spot for a photo opportunity.一个重要的拍照机会。


Taxis are your best bet if you aren't walking, especially if you're travelling from your hotel into town.如果您不走出租车,出租车是最好的选择,尤其是当您从酒店前往市区时。 Some hotels are very central so you won't need a cab.一些酒店位于市中心,因此您不需要出租车。


You can get the bus all over Puerto Vallarta.您可以在巴亚尔塔港各处乘坐巴士。 It's cheap and it can be bumpy.它很便宜,而且可能颠簸。 They say you know you're downtown in Puerto Vallarta when you start vibrating.他们说,当您开始振动时,您知道您位于巴亚尔塔港的市中心。 Take your mind out the gutter, please.请把你的思想从阴沟里移开。 It's because some of the roads are bumpy.这是因为有些道路崎bump不平。


PV周围的塞拉马德雷山脉(Sierra Madre Mountains)保护其免受飓风袭击。 Metaphorically, you could say the mountains also keep it safe from crime.隐喻地,您可以说山脉也使它免受犯罪侵害。


Doable by American standards but pricey by Mexican standards.按美国标准可操作,但按墨西哥标准则价格昂贵。 Largely due to the amount of American money in the Puerto Vallarta property market.很大程度上是由于巴亚尔塔港房地产市场上的美国资金数量众多。 You can do PV on the cheap or you can do it in luxury.您可以廉价地生产PV,也可以豪华地生产PV。


四月至六月是游览巴亚尔塔港的好时机。 价格稍微便宜一点,游客也较少。 旺季从十二月至四月。

所有照片均由 阿尔玛度假村。

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