A city where state of the art glass skyscrapers line leafy and pleasant downtown streets, Kuala Lumpur is a unique and exciting location.吉隆坡是世界上最先进的玻璃摩天大楼,周围绿树成荫,宜人的市区街道,是一个独特而激动人心的地方。 A playground for Asia's super-rich, the city has rapidly become a global destination and is often regarded as one of the most international cities on the planet, with a multicultural population and excellent world transport links.这个城市是亚洲超级富豪的游乐场,已迅速成为全球目的地,通常被视为地球上最国际化的城市之一,拥有多元文化的人口和良好的世界交通联系。

The city has a rich and fascinating history, from the Malay and Chinese settlers who forged the original area from the thick jungle to the British colonialists who invaded and transformed society, erecting countless grand victorian buildings.这个城市拥有丰富而迷人的历史,从马来人和华裔定居者到最初的地区,从原始的丛林到茂密的丛林,再到入侵和改造社会的英国殖民主义者,建立了无数宏伟的维多利亚式建筑。 After Malaysia gained independence in 1957, Kuala Lumpur began to flourish and became the popular travel destination that it is today.马来西亚于XNUMX年获得独立后,吉隆坡开始蓬勃发展,并成为当今最受欢迎的旅游目的地。

LGBT +个人可能因同性性行为而被判处20年以下的徒刑,而鞭打是对那些炫耀自己身份的人的普遍惩罚。 Despite this, there is a discreet yet passionate LGBT+ community in the city who welcome gay travelers with open arms.尽管如此,这座城市还是有一个谨慎而热情的LGBT +社区,他们张开双臂欢迎同性恋旅行者。



The horrific human rights situation facing LGBT+ people in Kuala Lumpur means that most gay venues are more discreet than in other cities and the fact that homosexuality remains illegal in Malaysia means that many gay events will change venues frequently and only disclose the location close to the time.吉隆坡LGBT +族人民面临的可怕的人权状况意味着,大多数同性恋场所比其他城市更为谨慎,而马来西亚的同性恋仍然是非法的事实意味着,许多同性恋事件将频繁改变场所,并且只会在接近时间的情况下披露地点。 However, there are still a number of bars and clubs that cater to a gay clientele.但是,仍然有许多酒吧和俱乐部可以满足同性恋客户的需求。

BlueBoy Discoteque是吉隆坡同性恋聚会的中流,柱,在这里为同性恋社区服务了很多年。 BlueBoy Discoteque以其令人惊叹的现场表演而闻名,经常接待该市一些最好的扮装皇后。 This vibrant and beloved club is the perfect place to sample the creme de la creme of Kuala Lumpur's gay nightlife venues.这个充满活力和倍受喜爱的俱乐部是品尝吉隆坡同性恋夜生活场所的极品奶油的理想场所。

如果您在前往BlueBoy Discotque之前已经准备好热身,那就别无所求 盖瑟灵酒吧。 This small and intimate local gay bar is a firm favorite amongst the LGBT+ community in the city and with its cheap drinks and friendly atmosphere it's the ideal spot to get a few drinks in the early evening.这家小型而亲密的当地同性恋酒吧在该市的LGBT +社区中受到企业的强烈欢迎,并以其廉价的饮料和友好的氛围,是在傍晚喝几杯酒的理想场所。 The karaoke here is great and the non-judgmental atmosphere makes it one of the best places to belt out your favorite number.这里的卡拉OK很棒,而且非审判气氛使它成为带出您最喜欢的电话号码的最佳场所之一。

在市中心之外,并且拥有一种与众不同的反叛态度, 乌托邦 is the best place to experience true local gay culture.是体验真正的当地同性恋文化的最佳场所。 The club is frequented by mainly local gay guys but the staff and patrons will be friendly and warm regardless of your background.该俱乐部主要是当地同性恋者光顾的,但无论您的背景如何,工作人员和顾客都会友好热情。 The spacious dancefloor is always a lively hub of activity and there are nightly drag shows, strippers, and themed events.宽敞的舞池始终是一个活跃的活动中心,每晚都有舞会表演,脱衣舞娘和主题活动。 If you're looking to fully immerse yourself in Kuala Lumpur's gay scene, Utopia is the place to do it.如果您想让自己完全沉浸在吉隆坡的同性恋场景中,Utopia就是您理想的选择。



在吉隆坡购物是一项大生意,想充分利用无穷无尽的高档商店和大型购物中心的同性恋旅行者应该考虑留在吉隆坡 ANSA考拉吉隆坡。 ANSA新近装修的客房均采用时尚现代的设计,注重空间和舒适性。 The in-room baths are a romantic and opulent touch, allowing guests to enjoy the stunning city views whilst having a relaxing soak.客房内的浴缸充满浪漫气息,给人以放松身心的享受,同时欣赏迷人的城市景观。 The hotel is not only close to the best shops in the city, but also the majority of gay bars and clubs.这家酒店不仅靠近城市最好的商店,而且还靠近大多数同性恋酒吧和俱乐部。

我的屋顶游泳池恩维托套房酒店 is by far the highlight of this modern hotel.迄今为止,这家现代酒店的亮点。 Offering stunning skyline views and space of quiet above the bustling streets of central Kuala Lumpur, the large infinity pool is the perfect palace to relax after a day of exploring.大型无边泳池在吉隆坡中心繁华的街道上享有壮丽的天际线景观和宁静的空间,是经过一天的探索后放松身心的理想宫殿。 The hotel consists of apartment-style suites that include living and sleeping areas as well as a well-furnished kitchen.酒店由公寓式套房组成,其中包括起居区和就寝区以及设施齐全的厨房。 The suites are a great option for gay travelers who value privacy and self-sufficiency when traveling.对于那些在旅行时重视隐私和自给自足的同性恋旅行者来说,套房是一个不错的选择。 In addition to multiple nearby venues, the Invito also boasts an on-site restaurant and bar.除了附近的多个场所外,Invito还拥有一间餐厅和酒吧。

Kuala Lumpur is the sixth-most visited city on the planet, therefore it's not surprising that there are multiple luxury hotels that offer much better value than in many other locations.吉隆坡是世界上访问量第六大的城市,因此毫不奇怪,有多家豪华酒店提供的价值比其他许多地方都高。 One such venue is the这样的场所之一是 GTower酒店,这是位于吉隆坡中心的屡获殊荣的机构。 Thanks to its small ecological footprint and commitment to the environment, GTower was the first hotel in Malaysia to be awarded a green rating and this socially conscious hotel is about as gay-friendly as it gets.凭借其较小的生态足迹和对环境的承诺,GTower成为马来西亚第一家获得绿色评级的酒店,这家具有社会意识的酒店与同性恋者一样友好。 The stylish and spacious guest rooms offer a touch of luxury to your stay and will guarantee you a restful experience.时尚而宽敞的客房为您的住宿提供豪华的感觉,并保证为您带来宁静的体验。



The saunas in Kuala Lumpur tend to be well-maintained and comfortable, with a few establishments dotted around the city.吉隆坡的桑拿浴室往往保养得很好且舒适,整个城市散布着一些场所。 Occupying a large premises, the spacious interior and 24/7 access make占用宽敞的房屋,宽敞的内部空间和XNUMX/XNUMX全天候通行 曼迪曼达 one of Kuala Lumpur's most popular gay saunas.吉隆坡最受欢迎的同性恋桑拿浴室之一。 The venue attracts large and diverse crowds who flock through its doors to enjoy the three-floors of hedonistic fun.该场所吸引了众多多样的人群,他们蜂拥而至,享受三层享乐主义的乐趣。 The venue boasts a range of facilities including a gym, steam room, rain baths, and even its own cafe.场地拥有一系列设施,包括健身房,蒸汽浴室,雨浴室,甚至还有自己的咖啡馆。 Much like Mandi Manda, many gay saunas in the city will not advertise their LGBT+ focus, however, once inside this will become abundantly clear.就像曼迪·曼达(Mandi Manda)一样,城市中许多同性恋桑拿浴都不会宣传LGBT +的关注重点,但是一旦进入,这将变得非常清晰。



Like many theocracies, the governance of Malaysia is largely influenced by religious beliefs, values, and scriptural ideologies.像许多神权疗法一样,马来西亚的统治很大程度上受宗教信仰,价值观和圣经意识形态的影响。 The predominant faith in Malaysia is Islam and the teachings of the Quran heavily dictate the laws that are proposed and enacted in the country.对马来西亚的主要信仰是伊斯兰教,古兰经的教义在很大程度上决定着该国提出和颁布的法律。 For this reason, LGBT+ people in Kuala Lumpur face discrimination, danger, prejudice, and violence at disproportionate rates compared to the cisgender and heterosexual population.因此,与同性恋者和异性恋者相比,吉隆坡的LGBT +人群面临的歧视,危险,偏见和暴力事件的发生率不成比例。 Punishable by up to 20 years in prison, same-sex sexual activity is strictly banned in Malaysia and vigilante executions, and torture of LGBT+ people is tolerated and sometimes encouraged by the police.在马来西亚和同志处决严禁同性性行为,最高可判处XNUMX年徒刑,警察也容忍和鼓励LGBT +人遭受酷刑,有时甚至受到警察的鼓励。

There have been no indications of the Malaysian government legalizing same-sex marriage and equally, there are no laws that protect LGBT+ people from discrimination and refusal of service.没有迹象表明马来西亚政府将同性婚姻合法化,同样,没有法律保护LGBT +人民免受歧视和拒绝服务。 Openly gay LGBT+ individuals are banned from serving in the military.公开禁止同性恋LGBT +个人参军。 Unlike many countries, public opinion regarding LGBT+ issues remains negative and shows little signs of improving- in 2011 a poll found that 8% of the Malaysian population thought that homosexuality should be accepted.与许多国家不同,关于LGBT +问题的公众舆论仍然是负面的,几乎没有改善的迹象。XNUMX年的一项民意调查发现,有XNUMX%的马来西亚人口认为同性恋应该被接受。

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