The most Americanised city in southeast Asia, Manila is a hub of international business and tourism and has a growing and promising gay scene.马尼拉是东南亚地区美国化程度最高的城市,是国际商务和旅游业的枢纽,同性恋者的人数不断增加且前景广阔。 Manila has seen a diversion of many of its gay venues away from its old gay district, Malate, with gay clubs, bars and other spaces now spread more widely across the city.马尼拉的许多同性恋场所已从旧的同性恋区玛拉特转移到其他地方,而同性恋俱乐部,酒吧和其他场所现在在整个城市中分布更广泛。 The Philippines have been consistently voted one of the most LGBT-friendly countries in Asia, making Manila one of the most attractive destinations for gay travelers.菲律宾一直被选为亚洲对同性恋,双性恋和变性者最友好的国家之一,这使马尼拉成为同性恋旅行者最有吸引力的目的地之一。



对于在马尼拉市中心的完全沉浸和集中式体验,请考虑住在马尼拉 钻石酒店。 Diamond Hotel酒店拥有令人印象深刻的室外泳池区以及一系列时尚的客房和套房。

马尼拉泛太平洋酒店 is the perfect stay for any traveler looking to experience the best of Manilas gay nightlife.对于想要体验马尼拉最佳同性恋夜生活的旅行者来说,这是一个完美的住宿。 Located in the capitals main commercial and entertainment district, the Pan Pacific is within walking distance of many of Manila's best gay clubs and bars.泛太平洋酒店位于首都主要的商业和娱乐区,步行即可到达马尼拉许多最好的同性恋俱乐部和酒吧。 The hotel features large and well-furnished rooms, with guests also having access to the hotel's rooftop pool and gym.酒店设有布置精美的宽敞客房,客人还可以使用酒店的屋顶游泳池和健身房。

凭借其现代而干净的内饰,并且毗邻马尼拉的同性恋夜生活, 马比尼红色星球 is a popular choice among the many gay travelers who visit the city every year.是每年来这座城市的众多同性恋旅行者中的热门选择。 The guest rooms are simply furnished but all feature flat-screen TVs, air conditioning, and modern amenities making the Red Planet Mabini an affordable choice with great value for money.客房陈设简单,但均配备了平面电视,空调和现代化的设施,使Red Planet Mabini成为物超所值的实惠之选。



Malate以前是马尼拉最好的同性恋酒吧之一,但是在马尼拉的国际大都会中可以找到各种各样的同性恋酒吧和俱乐部。 The majority of gay clubs in the city serve as entertainment venues often featuring drag shows, live acts, male models, and dancers.城市中大多数同性恋俱乐部都是娱乐场所,经常以表演,现场表演,男模特和舞者为特色。

马尼拉(Manila) F俱乐部 F俱乐部要求穿着更多的着装,以符合俱乐部的高档特色和令人振奋的个性。 F俱乐部也非常靠近其他同性恋酒吧,包括 音乐盒 和阿多尼斯俱乐部。

一间690娱乐酒吧 One 1972经常接待世界一流的DJ和艺术家,以及俱乐部舞后舞者的定期表演。 With a state of the art sound system and unrivaled light displays, the One 690 should be an unmissable gay bar on any travelers itinerary.凭借最先进的音响系统和无与伦比的灯光显示屏,One 690应该是任何旅行者行程中不可错过的同志酒吧。

该市最受欢迎的同性恋娱乐酒吧是 阿波罗。 The performers here are of an impeccable standard and promise high-quality entertainment every night.这里的表演者水准无懈可击,并承诺每晚都会提供高质量的娱乐节目。 The club dancers perform a mix of acrobatics, cabaret and street dance, promising something for anyone's taste.俱乐部的舞者表演各种杂技,歌舞表演和街舞,向每个人致敬。 Apollo also plays host to many of Asia's biggest drag queens.阿波罗还接待了许多亚洲最大的扮装皇后。


Many of Manila's gay saunas are private venues, meaning guests will be asked to pay a membership fee when visiting for the first time.马尼拉的许多同性恋桑拿浴室都是私人场所,这意味着首次访问时将要求客人支付会员费。 These joining fees tend to be relatively inexpensive but its important to bring two forms of ID to most saunas in order to have membership approved.这些入会费往往相对便宜,但重要的是将两种形式的身份证明带到大多数桑拿浴室,以便获得会员资格。

奥特玛 Altermale酒店还设有一个内部酒吧,客人可以在这里喝酒和放松身心,同时与其他桑拿顾客进行社交。 The venue is members only but, as is standard, membership can be purchased upon arrival.场地仅是会员,但按照标准,可以在抵达时购买会员。

将泡吧与桑拿体验融为一体 华氏咖啡厅和健身中心。 The venue, which is a combination of a sauna and entertainment club, features a jacuzzi, steam room, shower area, and private cabins as well as a karaoke bar, dance floor, and performance area.该场所由桑拿浴室和娱乐俱乐部组成,设有按摩浴缸,蒸汽浴室,淋浴区和私人小木屋,以及卡拉OK吧,舞池和表演区。 Fahrenheit Cafe and Fitness Center offers gay travelers a unique experience that they are unlikely to find anywhere else.华氏咖啡馆和健身中心为同性恋旅行者提供了他们在其他任何地方都找不到的独特体验。



Manila is an action-packed treasure trove of things to do for gay travelers.马尼拉是一个充满动感的宝库,为同性恋旅行者做的事情。 There are endless historical, architectural, and cultural sights for any gay traveler to visit and explore.任何同性恋旅行者都可以参观和探索无穷的历史,建筑和文化景点。

Intramuros在20世纪之前是马尼拉(Manilla)的中心地区,由西班牙殖民建筑组成的网格组成,并拥有众多令人惊叹的教堂,宫殿和庭院可供探索。 Visitors could easily spend an entire day getting lost amongst the history of this unique area of Manila.在马尼拉这个独特地区的历史中,游客可以轻松度过一整天。

Casting a bold contemporary silhouette is the Ayala Museum.阿亚拉博物馆(Ayala Museum)铸就了大胆的当代轮廓。 Showcasing the Philippine's finest art and historical artifacts, the Ayala is home to six permanent exhibitions dealing with a range of topics from the nation's maritime history to the works of contemporary artists and creators.阿亚拉(Ayala)展示了菲律宾最好的艺术和历史文物,是六个永久性展览的所在地,涉及从海事历史到当代艺术家和创作者的作品等一系列主题。 Entrance to the museum is free giving travelers no excuse to miss this exquisite cultural attraction.博物馆是免费开放的,不容旅客错过这个精美的文化景点。

Baywalk距Roxas大道和多个同性恋酒吧和俱乐部只有一分钟的路程,是同性恋游客的便捷之选。 From the promenade, visitors can appreciate the panoramic views across the bay as well as the immersive atmosphere of the lively seafront area.从海滨长廊,游客可以欣赏到整个海湾的全景以及热闹的海滨地区的身临其境的氛围。




Whilst LGBT people in the Philippines are denied many of the legal protections from discriminations that many gay travelers may take for granted at home, the country is still frequently described as Asia's most gay-friendly country.尽管菲律宾的同性恋,双性恋和变性人没有获得许多法律保护,免受许多同性恋旅行者在家中理所当然的歧视,但该国仍经常被称为亚洲最同性恋友好的国家。 Despite being a very religious country, with 92% of the population being Catholic, Manila has annual pride celebrations in June which are extremely well attended.尽管是一个非常虔诚的国家,其人口中有XNUMX%是天主教徒,但马尼拉在每年的XNUMX月举行的年度骄傲庆祝活动非常活跃。

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