Krakow is an irresistible city.克拉科夫是一个不可抗拒的城市。 The cobblestone streets, historic squares and underground bars give Krakow and atmospheric quality.鹅卵石街道,历史悠久的广场和地下酒吧赋予克拉科夫(Krakow)和大气的品质。 Krakow boasts the biggest medieval square of any European city.克拉科夫拥有欧洲所有城市中最大的中世纪广场。 The food and drink is excellent.食物和饮料都很棒。 You can discover local cuisine and also a range of international restaurants.您可以发现当地美食以及各种国际餐厅。 There are also many options for vegetarians and vegans.素食主义者和素食主义者也有很多选择。 Bagels were invented in Krakow!百吉饼是在克拉科夫发明的! There are also many cafes with all the coffee options a Brooklyn dwelling hipster could ask for.布鲁克林住宅时髦人士可能会要求提供许多提供所有咖啡选择的咖啡馆。

There's so much history to discover in Krakow.克拉科夫(Krakow)有太多历史可寻。 Poland has had a long and turbulent history.波兰有着悠久而动荡的历史。 From the Mongol invasion to Nazi occupation, it has often lost its independence and seen its cities razed to the ground.从蒙古人入侵到纳粹占领,它经常失去独立性,目睹其城市夷为平地。 Many of Krakow's most historic buildings withstood the bombs and you can catch a real glimpse of Poland's heritage as you wander the streets.克拉科夫的许多历史悠久的建筑都抵挡住了炸弹,当您在街上闲逛时,您可以瞥见波兰的遗产。



瓦维尔城堡是波兰君主政体多个世纪以来的所在地,是波兰最具历史意义的建筑群。 瓦维尔山曾经被认为是一条强大的龙的家园 - 他住在附近的一个洞穴里。 一位神秘的波兰王子最终杀死了这条龙。 波兰历史上第一位统治者曾将此地区用作住所。 从波兰历史的开端到 1795 年(波兰失去独立的那一年),瓦维尔山一直是波兰的政治重心。

Located on top of a hill overlooking the Old Town, it's a sprawling complex of courtyards, towers and gardens.它坐落在俯瞰旧城区的小山顶上,是一个由庭院,塔楼和花园组成的庞大建筑群。 You can visit the castle, the cathedral, the state rooms and view the crown jewels.您可以参观城堡,大教堂,州厅并观看皇冠上的宝石。 Even if you're not a history buff you should definitely visit Wawel Castle.即使您不是历史迷,您也绝对应该参观瓦维尔城堡。 All of Poland's monarchs have been crowned in the cathedral.波兰所有君主都已在大教堂加冕。



Remarkably, much of Krawkos survived the devastation of WW2.值得注意的是,许多Krawkos幸免于第二次世界大战的破坏。 Poland was hit particularly badly by German occupation.波兰受到德国占领的打击特别严重。 As Krakow wasn't considered to be strategically important it wasn't heavily bombed.由于克拉科夫不被认为具有重要的战略意义,因此并未受到重大轰炸。 The Old Town therefore can meaningfully be considered an old town.因此,旧城区可以有意义地视为旧城区。 In Warsaw the “Old Town” had to be rebuilt from scratch.在华沙,“老城”必须从头开始重建。

The Old Town of Krakow is full of character.克拉科夫旧城区充满特色。 Many of the most historic buildings in this area are UNESCO-attested landmarks, such as St Mary's Basilica.该地区许多历史悠久的建筑都是联合国教科文组织认可的地标,例如圣玛丽大教堂。 It's towered over the Old Town for a long time.它耸立在老城区很长一段时间。 It's said that a guard at St Mary's was the first to give the signal when the Mongols invaded.据说当蒙古人入侵时,圣玛丽的一名警卫是第一个发出信号的人。

You can go on a bar crawl around Stare Miasto.您可以在Stare Miasto周围的酒吧爬行。 As the buildings are so old some are located down narrow steps in dreamy cellars.由于建筑物太旧了,有些位于梦幻酒窖的狭窄台阶上。


Once the Jewish Quarter of Krakow, Kazimierz was razed to the ground during WW2.曾经是克拉科夫的犹太区,第二次世界大战期间,卡齐米日被夷为平地。 During the Soviet era it was considered to be the roughest part of the city.在苏联时代,它被认为是城市最崎rough的部分。 Since Poland emerged as a democracy with a growing economy, Kazimierz has become the coolest part of the city.自波兰成为经济增长的民主国家以来,卡齐米日已成为该市最酷的部分。 It has a bohemian vibe.它具有波西米亚风格的氛围。 You'll find many cool bars, cafes and antique shops to explore.您会发现许多时尚的酒吧,咖啡馆和古董店。



克拉科夫同志场景的最新成员是 帕普加俱乐部。 It has two bars and two dancefloors.它有两个酒吧和两个舞池。 This is a good place to explore the local gay scene, especially at weekends when it gets very busy.这是一个探索当地同性恋场景的好地方,尤其是在周末很忙的周末。 可爱 is centrally located and it's one of the best gay venues in Krakow.位于市中心,它是克拉科夫最好的同性恋场所之一。 It's welcoming to tourists and it has a laid back vibe.它欢迎游客,它有着悠闲的氛围。 A good, safe place to start your gay night out in Krakow.一个好安全的地方,可以在克拉科夫开始您的同性恋之夜。

Poland has developed a reputation as one of Europe's least gay-friendly countires.波兰已成为欧洲最不欢迎同性恋的国家之一。 It is a socially conservative country.这是一个社会保守的国家。 However, tourists are unlikely to encounter any issues in Krakow.但是,游客不太可能在克拉科夫遇到任何问题。 Public displays of affection may be ill-advised if you aren't in a gay bar.如果您不在同志酒吧,则可能不宜公开露骨。


波兰到处都是过去的伤痕。 它们在很大程度上解释了波兰为跟上欧洲同性恋权利的步伐而付出的努力。 每个人都看过电影《辛德勒的名单》——或者至少知道它讲的是什么。 奥斯卡·辛德勒确实存在。 他于 1939 年接管的工厂位于克拉科夫,今天您可以参观。 您可以看到他的桌子,了解他如何操纵数字来从纳粹手中拯救犹太儿童的生命。


1940年代,波兰和欧洲最黑暗的一面在这里展开。 You can join a tour and learn about what happened in Auschwitz.您可以参加游览,了解奥斯威辛集中营发生的事情。 It's said that the birds don't sing around Auschwitz.据说这些鸟不在奥斯威辛集中营唱歌。

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